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Posted By: 337 Improvisation on Piano and Harpsichord - 05/18/14 03:16 PM
Hello, good day

I want to learn to improvise on the piano in the baroque and classical lines.
I wanna know of books written in the baroque and classical periods of improvisation on the piano and Harpsichord, especially this latter.
And if it possible I would like to buy these books from amazon
Thank you. smile

Books like treatises written by composers and theoreticals of the time.
My suggestion, in terms of drastically reducing the time it will take you to learn how to accomplish this task, is to do the following:

Every DMA Organ Major is required to learn how to improvise in the styles you refer to, and also on those instruments. The number of applied organ majors is currently in a steep decline, so the organ faculty members at university music schools have open slots for private students.

Therefore, find yourself one of those teachers who can properly guide you to the proper texts as well as teach you how to improvise.

Good luck to you.
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