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Martha Argerich's Concert Schedule

Posted By: CleverName

Martha Argerich's Concert Schedule - 02/07/13 09:22 PM

Hello Everyone,

It suddenly struck me that Ms. Argerich is getting on in years, and probably will not continue performing for all that much longer. Regardless of whether she is one's favorite, I think most would agree that she is a living legend, and I desperately hope to see her perform live while the possibility still remains.

However, my google skills are failing me-all I can find in terms of her scheduled concerts are very outdated (non-current) listings of her tours. How does one find out when and where she is booked to play, while of course acknowledging her reputation of last-minute cancellations?
Posted By: argerichfan

Re: Martha Argerich's Concert Schedule - 02/07/13 09:47 PM

Might start here.
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