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Clara Schumann - Reminiscences

Posted By: TheFool

Clara Schumann - Reminiscences - 01/18/13 08:54 PM

Researching my (first) undergraduate dissertation, found this.


Really interesting, no? I'd be interested to see what people make of her idea of 'balanced' rhythm; I _think_ I know what she means, particularly based on her recording of Carnaval (which should be in the recommended videos of the above)

Posted By: Numerian

Re: Clara Schumann - Reminiscences - 01/19/13 12:18 PM

What recording? Clara Schumann died before the recording industry came along. Do you mean Adelina DeLara's recording?

With Madame Schumann's insistence on "the absence of any affectation whatsoever", it seems many of today's concert artists would not be permitted to study with her. I'm thinking of Mr. Lang in particular
Posted By: TheFool

Re: Clara Schumann - Reminiscences - 01/19/13 03:43 PM

Sorry, I meant DeLara's recording.

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