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Oldies (but Goodies!)

Posted By: LoPresti

Oldies (but Goodies!) - 01/10/13 05:37 PM

In sorting through my library I keep finding stuff that I shall never again "turn to" or use. I have two items that should be of interest to the real players here. Both are old!

One is a collection of Chopin that was once a large-format book, but has lost its binding, and has become a collection (complete) of seperate, fairly fragile pages. Pieces include Waltzes, a Mazurka or two, Polonaises, Nocturnes, Ballades, an Impromptu, a few Preludes, and a Berceuse. Probably 20 pieces in all. Not for light-weights!

The second is a hard-cover (with detatched spine), large-format, collection of piano transcriptions - some opera themes, some orchestral works, some just pieces - probably 40 transcriptions by various composers. Some are UNplaybable by mere mortals. I am guessing it was published in the 1920s.

If you would like these, I would be pleased to send them to the first who asks, for only the actual cost of the postage. I am certain they will fit into a medium-sized, flatrate box, that mails for under $12.00. Sorry international brethern (and sisteren) - because of the nightmare that international currancy has become, USA only.

Send me a PM.

Posted By: LoPresti

Re: Oldies (but Goodies!) - 01/13/13 04:06 PM

Anyone? Anyone?? It seems a real shame to just toss these out.

Posted By: Nikolas

Re: Oldies (but Goodies!) - 01/13/13 04:16 PM

Ed you know I'd love to grab these, but you said US only... frown And you're right, if you don't have paypal, etc, sending money across the pond is a nightmare!
Posted By: LoPresti

Oldies (but Goodies!) - 01/14/13 04:47 AM

Hey, Nikolas,

Since my dad was born not too far from you, I am certain I could make an exception. I'll be in contact.

Posted By: BruceD

Re: Oldies (but Goodies!) - 01/14/13 07:17 AM

While I hope that you are able to dispose of your music in a way that you wish, I don't think you should be surprised at the lack of response as your second post suggests. Many of the "real pianists" - to use your term - would probably already have complete collections of Chopin's works in some recognized, bound edition, so a copy of selections from an unidentified Chopin collection in the form of separate fairly fragile pages might not hold much interest.

The second volume may have some passing curiosity value, but, from your description, it may not be something whose unplayable contents would interest mere mortals, in its present condition.

Sometimes it is better to take the path of least resistance and dispose of such pages, difficult though that may seem.

Posted By: LoPresti

Oldies (but Goodies!) - 01/14/13 02:33 PM

Hi Bruce,

Your points are well taken, and appreciated. I must plead ignorance about the Chopin pieces -- I was not certain if some of the more obscure were still generally available. The volume of transcriptions that is still bound by its cloth and covers seems an ideal candidate for advanced players to work on their sight-reading.

And the "bottom line", Bruce, is that I find it impossible to convince myself that these should go out with the trash. As practically correct as I am certain you are, something inside me refuses it. That is why I have held onto them for so many years, with no chance of ever being accomplished enough to play them.

Posted By: BDB

Re: Oldies (but Goodies!) - 01/14/13 03:21 PM

Most used book stores have a used music section. They often offer more in trade than cash.
Posted By: LoPresti

Oldies (but Goodies!) - 01/14/13 04:14 PM


Your sage advice is welcomed, but the word "trade" worries me! That implies I will be bringing something else back INTO the library. I am attempting to keep things moving in a outward direction.

Posted By: BDB

Re: Oldies (but Goodies!) - 01/14/13 04:16 PM

Then take the cash, although some will only give you trade. You can always sell the trade slips.
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