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Arrau playing Liszt's Annees de pelerinage

Posted By: fledgehog

Arrau playing Liszt's Annees de pelerinage - 12/29/12 10:24 PM

According to Wikipedia, he recorded all three suites in their entirety, 3 times over (plus the first year a 4th time), but I can't find them anywhere -- not on Spotify, not on amazon, not on any other sites for buying CDs (not even ebay)...I'm definitely interested in hearing them, because I love the Annees, and I also love Arrau's playing of selections of them on the final disc of the 6-CD Liszt box set, and the few other samples available on youtube. I was hoping somebody here might have some answers for me.

1- were any of them ever reissued on CD? If so, how can I track down a copy? If not, how can I track down a vinyl copy, or a vinyl rip online?

2- Can anyone who has heard one or more of the recordings provide a brief review? I'm guessing they're probably top-notch, if the rest of his more readily available Liszt recordings are any indication.

Thanks very much! It's always exciting to discover that a recording that sounds intriguing exists, and then disappointing to discover that you can't find a copy anywhere!
Posted By: JdhPiano924

Re: Arrau playing Liszt's Annees de pelerinage - 12/31/12 01:12 AM

Has checking youtube not been an option? Or would you just like to be able to own the recordings?
Posted By: Damon

Re: Arrau playing Liszt's Annees de pelerinage - 12/31/12 01:26 AM

I think Wikipedia might be wrong or you might have misread it. Arrau may have recorded some selections 3 times but I would be surprised to find he recorded the whole set at all.

I would love to be wrong and find it
Posted By: sabatchka

Re: Arrau playing Liszt's Annees de pelerinage - 01/18/13 01:36 PM

Stanislav Yovanovitch replaced Claudio Arrau in a couple of major recitals, Arrau was older and ill. I prefer Yovanovitch to Arrau in Liszt, most of the time. I understand they were friendly. Yovanovitch's recordings are all live unedited, Arrau's were often studio. The Rachmaninoff is beyond Richter.

Check out Youtube Stanislav Yovanovitch Liszt Petrarca Sonetto Petrarca 104, or the Liszt Polonaise No2, The Consolation No.3 or Ravel Gaspard del la Nuit!! Amazing Ondine. I have the Yovanovitch complete solo recordings, 16 CDs.
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