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What are "rewarding pieces"?

Posted By: JoelW

What are "rewarding pieces"? - 12/11/12 02:51 PM

I see this term used a lot. What exactly does it mean..?
Posted By: Nikolas

Re: What are "rewarding pieces"? - 12/11/12 03:11 PM

A 'reward' can come in different forms:

One can be rewarded with a better technique
with a feeling of accomplishment
with the satisfaction and applause of the audience
with a self proclaimed success

In any case of the above I think the term 'rewarding pieces' applies loosly.

For me the idea is that you get to play something that pleases you so much and you gain so much on a sentimental and logical level that it's becoming very rewarding to do so. A work that teaches you A LOT, a piece that you cherish so much that you're dreaming of it while asleep (and awake sometimes).
Posted By: BruceD

Re: What are "rewarding pieces"? - 12/11/12 03:36 PM

Originally Posted by Joel_W
I see this term used a lot. What exactly does it mean..?

I guess pieces of gold can be rewarding.

Where do you see this term "used a lot"? If you are referring to it in a musical context, I don't think I've ever seen it.

Posted By: pianoloverus

Re: What are "rewarding pieces"? - 12/11/12 03:58 PM

Something different to everyone.
Posted By: BDB

Re: What are "rewarding pieces"? - 12/11/12 05:10 PM

Pieces of eight.
Posted By: Teenagepiano

Re: What are "rewarding pieces"? - 12/11/12 05:13 PM

A rewarding piece is a difficult piece for the player that takes a lot of effort to learn. The difficulty of the piece in itself isn't the issue, but it is the difficulty to the player. It doesn't matter if the piece technically is "easy" if the player finds it hard.

The player gets an enormous sense of achievement after perfectly playing/learning one of these pieces.
Posted By: bennevis

Re: What are "rewarding pieces"? - 12/11/12 06:17 PM

For me, a rewarding piece is one where the rewards are far, far greater than the effort it took to learn it (even if it took me one year to learn it). It doesn't have to be technically difficult (though it usually is); it just has to be one where I want to play it again and again, and it never palls on repeated playing.

One such piece for me is the Schumann/Liszt Widmung.
Posted By: ChopinAddict

Re: What are "rewarding pieces"? - 12/11/12 06:54 PM

Worth the effort it takes to learn them.
Posted By: Tim Adrianson

Re: What are "rewarding pieces"? - 12/11/12 10:55 PM

As an aging amateur pianist, the idea of "rewarding" is the highest on my list of reasons to tackle a new work. I must have a reasonable sense that the emotional and esthetic payoffs in a work is commensurate with the technical demands required to achieve a satisfying level of proficiency. Beyond that, I really don't think you can be more specific.
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