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Chord progression game recognizer??

Posted By: Beethoven747-400

Chord progression game recognizer?? - 11/16/12 01:17 PM

I have my 8th grade AMEB exam coming up on the 29th of November. The Aural part of the grade includes being able to recognise when played major and minor chords in root, first, or second inversion, and diminished chords in root position. I was wondering if anyone knows any online sites that make you recognise chord inversions, if not, what techniques could I do to help me recognise the different chords better, my teacher said me to play the chords in the inversions and sing down and up the notes. I find it helpful to identify the interval between the 2 top notes of the chord, #

got any tips??

oh, and also for cadances, plagal, perfect, imperfect, and interrupted. I need to recognise cadances too.
Posted By: Dave Horne

Re: Chord progression game recognizer?? - 11/16/12 03:33 PM

Instead of relying on software for everything why not enlist a friend who is also going to be tested and play for each other.
Posted By: dolce sfogato

Re: Chord progression game recognizer?? - 11/16/12 05:21 PM

indeed, one needs 2 to tango here.
Posted By: bennevis

Re: Chord progression game recognizer?? - 11/16/12 05:22 PM

To recognize chords in roots or inversions, you need to confidently pick out the bottom notes. You should be able to hear the tonic note easily (it's just the first note of the do-re-mi scale) and therefore work out whether it's an inversion (and which) or root position: practise playing chords at the piano in different keys, and sing out the bottom note. It's more difficult to pick out the middle note and I don't know why you want to use the interval between the top two to recognize which inversion - which isn't dependent on the top notes, but on the bass note: e.g. in C major, the chord with notes (bottom to top) G, E and C as well as the chord G, C and E are both second inversions.

For cadences, look up Wikipedia and play the chords through on the piano to learn to recognize the differences between V-I, IV-I, V-VI etc. They are easy, once you can 'hear' the bottom note.
Posted By: ChopinAddict

Re: Chord progression game recognizer?? - 11/17/12 12:00 AM

I think Aurelia has some of these exercises.
Posted By: LimeFriday

Re: Chord progression game recognizer?? - 11/17/12 02:23 AM

Earmaster has these exercises too.
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