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BWV 816 Bourrée I note check

Posted By: jmcintyre

BWV 816 Bourrée I note check - 11/16/12 04:23 AM

I've been working on Bach's French Suite #5, and until lately have avoided listening to recordings. Yesterday I listened to a few on YouTube, including one by András Schiff, and noted a discrepancy between what I heard and what's in my score.

I've been using Bach-Gesellschaft, which has this in measure 15:

[Linked Image]

The other edition available on IMSLP is Czerny, which has the passage as I'm hearing it on recordings:

[Linked Image]

(Note: I've cropped off the beginning of the previous measure. Just to clarify, in both editions the last note in the bass in that measure 14 is D#.)

Can anyone shed light on this discrepancy? Is Bach-Gesellschaft generally considered to be incorrect here, or is this a case where there the autograph is unclear and the choice is left to the pianist?

Posted By: BDB

Re: BWV 816 Bourrée I note check - 11/16/12 06:19 AM

According to the Bischoff edition, there are different sources that give the alternate readings. The first edition and another source has the sharp, while the Anna Magdalena Bach notebook and a couple of others do not.
Posted By: Forrest Halford

Re: BWV 816 Bourrée I note check - 11/16/12 12:25 PM

The Henle edition has the 2nd example, with this annotation clarification in the back

'Suite 5: G major
Bourree: Bars 15 and 30 are found in the final version stemming from Gerber.'


Posted By: jmcintyre

Re: BWV 816 Bourrée I note check - 11/16/12 01:08 PM

Thank you both!
Posted By: MarkH

Re: BWV 816 Bourrée I note check - 11/16/12 04:34 PM

And IMO the chromatic descending line is more interesting smile
Posted By: AnneJ

Re: BWV 816 Bourrée I note check - 11/17/12 08:55 PM

Baerenreiter (NBA) shows G natural (first exmaple) in the A version (earlier Altnickol tradition) and G# (second example) in the B version ("younger" embellished version).
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