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Hello all, long time lurker and rare poster. I'm a jazz player but enjoy practicing classical and would love some suggestions to build my repertoire.

What would you say are some of the pieces that have the biggest gap between their difficulty to play and their beauty. And by difficulty I mean strictly technically - leave interpretation aside, if that's possible. And certainly I realize beauty is in the ear of the beholder.

As examples, the 1st movement of the Moonlight and 2nd of the Pathetique would be stellar examples, though certainly among the most played sections of classical piano music.

Bonus points for full pieces vs. movements.
Debussy: "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair" (no. 8 from Preludes, Book 1). It's the first "real" piece I learned, and it is just gorgeous.
Liszt's Concert Etude 3, Un Sospiro
Schumann From Foreign Lands and People (from Op 15). Packs a lot of bang for your bar - into a very short piece with bonus repeats. Easier than the other pieces suggested so far.
Beethoven's Andante Favori (the original second mvt. of the Waldstein sonata)
(Musicality vs. Technicality?)
Hmm. I really don't think there is nearly as much of a dichotomy between musicality and technicality that some say. I think EVERY piece by a half-competent composer is musical. Liszt's "Grand Galop Chromatique" or "Mezeppa" or Balakirev's "Islamey" are very musical works. The composer put each note and expression marking in the optimal places to convey the exact musical picture he wanted to. And on the other side, these slow pieces mentioned in the original post are TECHNICALLY difficult. Having a wide dynamic range (especially between ppp, pp, p, and mp) is VERY difficult, and having a sense of touch to put accompanying voices "under the voice" while voicing the melody with a richer singing tone is also difficult. (Schubert Impromptu 90/3, Pathetique middle movement, Moonlight 1st movement, etc.)

My little rant aside, I have a few favorite slow, pretty pieces: Ravel: Pavane for a Dead Princess, Menuet on the Name of Haydn, Forlane (kind of jazzy in some spots) and Menuet from Le Tombeau de Couperin, second movenent of the Concerto in G; Chopin: Almost all the nocturnes and many of the Preludes, Ballade 4 in F Minor (This piece is very, very difficult, but the beauty overshadows the virtuosic difficulty in my opinion); the list could go on and on. smile
Here's some. If you tell us some of your latest pieces it would help us decide what to include as recommendations.

Chopin:Mazurka in g minor

Garson:Lullaby for Our Daughters

Bach/Cohen:Liebster Jesu

Jarrett:My Wild Irish Rose

Quilter/Hough:Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal

Jarrett: Over the Rainbow

Bach: Allemande from French Suite in G


Halvorsen/Andsnes:Chant de Veslemoy

Morricone:Theme from Love Affair


Brahms: Waltz in A flat Major

Scriabin:Etude in c# minor

Schumann:The Poet Speaks(with a free lesson by Cortot)

Mozart:Andante from Sonata K.545

Chopin: Waltz Op.34 No.2

Chopin:Waltz L'Adieu

Schubert: Andante from Sonata in A major

Chopin:Nocturne in E flat Op.9


All these pieces(except Garson) are available for free online.
I don't understand the question. Do you - the OP - mean: "what are some profoundly beautiful pieces that are easy to play?"

If that's the question then:

- Beethoven - "Tempest" sonata 3rd movement.
- Schumann - Arabesque
- Several of the Chopin preludes #4, #15, for example.
- Several of the Chopin mazurkas
- Bach C minor partita - the Allemande and Sarabande

Those are some examples, but with all of them it's difficult to make them sound beautiful.
How about horrendously difficult pieces that are completely banal? Then you have a single piece that stands almost alone - Liszt's Grand Galop Chromatique.
Hmm you put the 3rd movement of the tempest sonata there, now I feel bad, because I think its really not easy frown.

@Pianoloverus where could I get Bach - Liebster Jesu ? Its amazing !
MacDowell's "To a Wild Rose"
Originally Posted by Victor25
Hmm you put the 3rd movement of the tempest sonata there, now I feel bad, because I think its really not easy frown.

@Pianoloverus where could I get Bach - Liebster Jesu ? Its amazing !

It's not easy. But it is a very beautiful piece, and not as hard is it is beautiful - IMHO.

Originally Posted by Phlebas
I don't understand the question. Do you - the OP - mean: "what are some profoundly beautiful pieces that are easy to play?"

Yes, that's what I mean. You've stated it much clearer than I did! Thanks for the recommendations all.
Estrellita by Manuel Ponce
Solace by Scott Joplin
"Peace Piece" by Bill Evans
Beethoven Op106

edit: to below, yes I was just kidding
Originally Posted by Victor25
Beethoven Op106

Umm, you did read the question, yes?
On a more serious note, everybody should play Chopin's Op28 no 20
Also beautifull is Mendelssohn's Op 102 nr. 6
Schubert's Impromptus, or his 3 Klavierstücke, that's 11 masterpieces of moderate technical demands, but musically of Himalayan proportions.
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