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'Exodus' hitmaker dies at 83

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'Exodus' hitmaker dies at 83 - 08/05/08 01:50 PM

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'Exodus' hitmaker dies at 83
08/05/08 08:40 AM, EDT

Lou Teicher, one half of a duo that produced and performed popular theatrical recordings of big Hollywood movie themes, has died. He was 83.

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Posted By: Bob Newbie

Re: 'Exodus' hitmaker dies at 83 - 08/05/08 06:16 PM

I like the theme from the Apartment smile
wasn't it Ferrante & Teicher?
Posted By: Piano World

Re: 'Exodus' hitmaker dies at 83 - 08/05/08 06:36 PM

Teicher and Art Ferrante were first dubbed "The Movie Theme Team" in 1961, acclaimed for their rapid fire twin-piano and orchestral performances. Together they performed theatrical recordings of themes from such movies as "The Apartment," "Exodus" and "Tonight" from "West Side Story."
Posted By: RickG

Re: 'Exodus' hitmaker dies at 83 - 08/05/08 06:49 PM

My mom bought the LP when that first came out. The "Exodus" theme was very impressionable to me as a young piano player.
Posted By: rada

Re: 'Exodus' hitmaker dies at 83 - 08/18/08 03:39 PM

I saw Ferrante and Teicher years ago in San Diego....of course they were a marvelous duo but also there was a great rapport with the audience. They took questions that evening and were asked if it was necessary to have long fingers to play the piano....you had to see this response...one of them immediately held his arms close to his ribs and answered " only if you have short arms"....you had to see it...it was hilarious. I'll always treasure the three books I have of their arrangements.

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