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Homeless man hopes piano playing will lead to work

Posted By: eweiss

Homeless man hopes piano playing will lead to work - 12/09/10 04:19 AM

You're gonna like this one. Full story with video

One Austin man has such a passion for music, he's choosing it over everything, even a home.

Roger Lambert, 61, has been homeless since he moved to Austin nearly three years ago, but every Monday through Friday morning, he can be found playing the piano in the choir room at St. David's Episcopal Church, 301 East 8th Street.

"To hear such beautiful music coming from someone who didn't look like a virtuoso was a bit of a surprise," said David Boyd, the head pastor of St. David's Episcopal Church.

Lambert plays classical music from Bach to Brahms.

Lambert earned a degree in music from UCLA. So the fair, and obvious question is, "Why is a man with this much talent homeless?"

"I came here with my last $200 in my pocket," said Lambert. "I went into a hotel lobby expecting to sit down and play and be employed in an hour."

However, Lambert says he soon learned every hotel in the city had hundreds of piano players on the waiting list. Lambert says besides music, his only other skill is cooking, but he says working enough to pay for an apartment would take too much time away from what he loves, so Lambert is currently putting together a music program that he hopes to perform several times throughout the year. He is hoping those performances will lead to piano teaching jobs, or playing for hotels.

"I don't expect to have to go through this process again because Austin is plugged into the world musically," said Lambert.

If you are interested in lessons or have a job for Lambert , you can e-mail him at bachpianomaster@aol.com
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