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Onion article on Yamaha

Posted By: charleslang

Onion article on Yamaha - 09/06/09 06:17 PM


They didn't mention uprights!
Posted By: theJourney

Re: Onion article on Yamaha - 09/06/09 06:25 PM

Posted By: Martin C. Doege

Re: Onion article on Yamaha - 12/04/09 03:06 PM

Here in Germany, people sometimes need to be reminded that Yamaha motorcycles and Yamaha pianos are made by the same company. It really is a pretty strange combination of products. So The Onion is correct as always... smile

P.S. And when you mention Yamaha, 50% of people seem to think of motorcycles, and 50% of pianos. Or maybe it's 90% motorcycles and 10% pianos...
Posted By: keepitreal88

Re: Onion article on Yamaha - 01/20/10 01:20 AM

Haha I love the Onion. They also have pretty funny news videos that you can watch on youtube. But yes they are right, sometimes I am blown away by the amount of Yamaha products that are out there.
Posted By: takingnero

Re: Onion article on Yamaha - 02/07/10 07:08 PM

LOL, so true.
Posted By: Piano World

Re: Onion article on Yamaha - 02/09/10 01:54 AM

Thanks charleslang, that is funny :-)

When I first started selling Yamaha pianos in the 70's people used to
ask "Aren't they the motorcycle company?".

I'd say yes they do make motorcycles, but look the logo on the motorcycle, it's crossed tuning forks. The music came first.
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