movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: DCshoesGIRL

movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!! - 01/22/06 06:00 PM

I always liked to just mess around sometimes and play other things on the piano...such as movie I found an awesome site......

It has movie theme music and also game music.....
my favorite has been pieces for "pirates of the Carribean", "Lord of the Rings", and "charlie and the chocolate Factory",.......but theres much enjoy
Posted by: rocky

Re: movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!! - 01/22/06 06:30 PM

This is the site where I found "The Candyman".....i'm an adult beginner and posted my attempt at playing this over in that forum LOL
Posted by: Euan Morrison

Re: movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!! - 01/25/06 01:38 PM

Thats a really good site, thanks.

Was especially impressed with the Black Beauty and Edward Scissorhands pieces. Might have to make an attempt at them!
Posted by: jasperkeys

Re: movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!! - 01/25/06 01:57 PM

This IS a good site. I like the 'Stoic' theme from 'The Shawshank Redemption'. One thing though; on the member creations, what's with the apparent preoccupation with 'Batman' music? Not that there's anything wrong with that. There are a lot of good themes out there that have no sheet music yet that I'm sure these transcribers are gifted enough to bring to light. Like 'Brooks was here' also from 'The Shawshank Redemption'.
Posted by: PianoThemes

Re: movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!! - 08/10/07 02:02 AM

For anyone who has tried to go to Cerulean Pictures, it has now changed to PianoThemes. Come to for all the free sheet music that you need.
Posted by: barberfan

Re: movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!! - 09/17/08 11:56 AM

cerulean-pictures doesn't work any more (it's a different site now) and I can't get anything out of either. Would someone PM me if they managed to get the Stoic Theme from Shawshank Redemption? Cheers!
Posted by: Monica K.

Re: movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!! - 09/17/08 12:12 PM

The site still exists, but he no longer hosts movie sheet music. (I got the impression that there were copyright infringement issues involved.) Good luck with your quest. \:\)
Posted by: frigidspartan

Re: movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!! - 09/19/08 11:14 PM

Pianothemes items are hosted on
Posted by: Mr. Pianoman

Re: movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!! - 12/22/13 03:17 AM

Well, do you already know this movie themes medley for piano?!

Posted by: pearl rose

Re: movie sheet music!!!!!!!!!!! - 12/31/13 01:20 AM

yeah, great website... I like the 'Stoic' theme.

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