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Help in finding article (not music-related, quite sorry)

Posted By: Screwtape

Help in finding article (not music-related, quite sorry) - 11/01/06 07:53 PM

This isn't exactly for fun (since when were papers fun?), but I need to find the full-text article to Arthur Leff's "Unspeakable Ethics, Unnatural law". It's more familiar, perhaps, as 'the grand sez who' article - its a series of lectures given at Duke University and published in their journal in 1979. Our university doesn't have access to the particular database that has it. If anyone could help I'd be grateful. And yes, I realize this is my first post, but please forgive.


I live near Dallas, TX (about 2 hours east), and was wondering if there were any unofficial (i.e. non-orchestral) music gatherings/concerts that would be worthwhile to attend. Preferably with a Romantic bent.
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