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Forums Nostalgia?

Posted By: Piano World

Forums Nostalgia? - 09/01/03 01:49 PM

The Way We Were

Forum threads from yesteryear...

I came across some old saved threads from the original forums (1999, 2000),
thought some of our long-time members might like to take a look back.

Warning these are fairly large files

http://www.pianoworld.com/forum_archive_021900.htm (Feb. 2000)

http://www.pianoworld.com/forum_archive082099.html Aug. 1999

http://www.pianoworld.com/forum_nov_99.htm (Nov. 1999)

http://www.pianoworld.com/forum_archive_122199.html (Dec. 1999)

Some day I hope to find some from 1997/1998. I'm sure I have them on an old floppy somewhere :-)

- Frank B.
Piano World
Posted By: jodi

Re: Forums Nostalgia? - 09/01/03 03:41 PM

OMGosh!!! I'm so excited! Even threads started by JohnD! You can all see how silly we were back when we were young!!!

Don't have time to read them yet, but I will!

laugh Jodi
Posted By: gryphon

Re: Forums Nostalgia? - 11/17/04 06:43 PM

Hey, people were arguing about Baldwin v. Yamaha v. Kawai v. Mason and Hamlin and "How much is my antique piano worth?" back then. Apparently things never change. laugh
Posted By: Mark...

Re: Forums Nostalgia? - 06/10/08 09:04 PM

I like the 1999 prices better...
Posted By: piqué

Re: Forums Nostalgia? - 12/30/09 09:04 PM

this line had me chuckling:

Post your piano questions on this page, then check back in a day or two to see if they have been answered.

for a very long time now, your questions will be answered in about three seconds! laugh
Posted By: Jolly

Re: Forums Nostalgia? - 06/02/10 03:47 AM

A lot of the same folks are still around the net. Some here, some not.

TNCR is over 800,000 posts. Fat Shirley has around 35,000. WTF dumps their stuff every so often, so total post count is unknown.
Posted By: Metacarpal

Re: Forums Nostalgia? - 12/18/10 11:32 AM

I remember those days... The Internet has certainly come a long way.
Posted By: Jolly

Re: Forums Nostalgia? - 04/27/11 01:38 AM

TNCR...now over 1M posts.
Posted By: jodi

Re: Forums Nostalgia? - 09/03/11 03:43 AM

Just read them. Wow, does thattake me back!
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