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The Piano Movers Song: Stand by your Grand

With apologies to Tammy Wynette

Sometimes, it's hard to be a mover. . .
giving all your time to just one grand.
You'll cry from back pain, driving in the slow lane,
Doing things you just don't understand.

But if you love it, you'll just move it. . .
even if you tip it -- on the lyre.
Be-fore you freight it, make sure you crate it,
An' make sure your smokin' don't start a fire.


Stand by your grand.
Give it two arms to cling on
And some big toes to fall on
when boots are worn and holey

Stand by your grand.
And show the world you love it.
Keep giving, all the back you ca-aaa--aaa-aa-an. .
Stand -- By -- You-our --- gra aa- aand.
Posted By: U S A P T

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