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[PW-MRCP] CD Booklet, Cover Art, Label Art Work

Posted By: Axtremus

[PW-MRCP] CD Booklet, Cover Art, Label Art Work - 08/31/04 03:02 AM

<h1>Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project</h1>
<h2>Volume 1</h2>
The idea originated from this thread .

The Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project (PW-MRCP) aims to create a compilation of recordings by Piano World members. The deliverable of this project will be a set of professionally pressed CD's containing recordings submitted by Piano World members.

(Please see Project Plan Outline for an overview of the Project.)

<h2>CD Booklet, Cover Art, Label Art Work</h2>

OK... so we want to publish a set of CD's. It would be really nice if we can have a few things to go with it:
  • Beautiful CD label.
  • A Booklet containing information about the recordings stored on the CD's.
  • Nice art work to go with the CD booklet.

Each recording submitted by a member will likely include these: Name (real name and/or screen name) of the member, name of composer, title and/or opus number of the piece, optional text description to go with the piece (up to half a page), optional graphics/picture to go with the piece. It would be nice if we can allocate one page of the booklet to each member/submission and layout the information in a consistent format.

Also, to keep cost low, the "booklet" will be converted into a PDF file that we can include with the CD (the idea is that we don't have to pay for hard-copies to be printed upfront, and members can print their own hard-copy using the PDF file).

The above is just an idea. Creating visual art work and putting together a CD booklet are outside my skill set. I will certainly appreciate your input -- or better yet, a volunteer who knows book design, CD label design, cover design and such can step up to the plate and take charge of these aspects of the Project -- that would be great. smile

Please post your thoughts/suggestion/comments related to CD Booklet, Cover Art, and Label Art Work here.
Posted By: EHpianist

Re: [PW-MRCP] CD Booklet, Cover Art, Label Art Work - 08/31/04 05:53 AM

Axtremus, I have had a bit of experience making artwork and formats for CD covers, inserts, trays and labels as I have done this all for both my CD and my duo's. I would be happy to volunteer my time in making this. I just saw this thread so let me think about the design.

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