[PW-MRCP] CD Booklet, Cover Art, Label Art Work

Posted by: Axtremus

[PW-MRCP] CD Booklet, Cover Art, Label Art Work - 08/30/04 11:02 PM

Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project

Volume 1

The idea originated from this thread .

The Piano World Member's Recording Compilation Project (PW-MRCP) aims to create a compilation of recordings by Piano World members. The deliverable of this project will be a set of professionally pressed CD's containing recordings submitted by Piano World members.

(Please see Project Plan Outline for an overview of the Project.)

CD Booklet, Cover Art, Label Art Work

OK... so we want to publish a set of CD's. It would be really nice if we can have a few things to go with it:
  • Beautiful CD label.
  • A Booklet containing information about the recordings stored on the CD's.
  • Nice art work to go with the CD booklet.

Each recording submitted by a member will likely include these: Name (real name and/or screen name) of the member, name of composer, title and/or opus number of the piece, optional text description to go with the piece (up to half a page), optional graphics/picture to go with the piece. It would be nice if we can allocate one page of the booklet to each member/submission and layout the information in a consistent format.

Also, to keep cost low, the "booklet" will be converted into a PDF file that we can include with the CD (the idea is that we don't have to pay for hard-copies to be printed upfront, and members can print their own hard-copy using the PDF file).

The above is just an idea. Creating visual art work and putting together a CD booklet are outside my skill set. I will certainly appreciate your input -- or better yet, a volunteer who knows book design, CD label design, cover design and such can step up to the plate and take charge of these aspects of the Project -- that would be great. \:\)

Please post your thoughts/suggestion/comments related to CD Booklet, Cover Art, and Label Art Work here.
Posted by: EHpianist

Re: [PW-MRCP] CD Booklet, Cover Art, Label Art Work - 08/31/04 01:53 AM

Axtremus, I have had a bit of experience making artwork and formats for CD covers, inserts, trays and labels as I have done this all for both my CD and my duo's. I would be happy to volunteer my time in making this. I just saw this thread so let me think about the design.