"American Idol" fans?

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"American Idol" fans? - 03/28/07 11:08 AM

Though this is the first season I've watched, I'm totally hooked on it. Anybody else? Any predictions as to tonight's elimination show?
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Re: "American Idol" fans? - 03/28/07 12:14 PM

i walked away from it more often than actually watched it, since my computer/piano is at another room. didn't care too much about it, but this time i hope that punk-haired guy get off the show, who's extremely awful.
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Re: "American Idol" fans? - 03/30/07 10:02 AM

Blake? or Sanjaya? :p

I can't stand Sanjaya.

I want Blake to win, and feel he should. he's the only true artist on the show. and from some of his non Idol videos on youtube, he's much more talented than he's shown so far.

I also like Gina, Lakisha, and Melinda. for those I'm consistant with.

I watch the show every year since season 1, the whole family does, it's almost like a tradition.
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Re: "American Idol" fans? - 03/30/07 10:51 AM

Well, thanks for getting the ball rolling! I liked the whole Top 24, though of course I miss some more than others.

Despite explicit reminders that AI is supposed to be a singing competition pure and simple, I guess it's human nature to be looking at more than that. (I totally expected Sabrina Sloan to be a finalist, and yet, unfortunately, America seemed to think that neither she nor Sundance had the right "look.") So, at this point, my favorites are Sanjaya, Haley and Chris Richardson, for the very reason that (to my eyes, obviously) they do have the "whole package" of voice, looks, personality and style. I think there have been others, too—but they've already been voted off. \:\( (I considered Stephanie to be in this category.)

Isn't it awful that any of the contestants should be targeted for negative remarks concerning their appearance? I've come across some really awful comments. And, of course, Sanjaya is the weakest voice in the competition, but why does it push so many people's buttons that he's a pretty face with a pretty voice? There are people who find that appealing, and I'm one of them. It just seems that the people denying that he has any talent at all are usually camouflaging some obvious racism plus discomfort over their perceptions of his sexuality. He's 17, after all, and there's no reason for anyone to go there.

Wasn't "The Diana Ross Songbook" a horror for all concerned? Didn't Phil do a great job this week with "Every Breath You Take"? And was it a mistake for Chris Sligh to say "my bad" about his own performance, in terms of the consequences to him? Most contestants keep their heads up and affirm their belief that they did well after accepting what the judges say gracefully, and I think Chris's candor in assessing himself cost him votes. And the melody of that song is so syncopated that a case could have been made that what Randy and Paula said didn't ring true.

What about Simon Cowell and other similarly situated music industry titans seeming to wear their musical illiteracy as a badge of honor? (I'm thinking of the Sixty Minutes interview.) Why would people—even (especially?) self-styled music experts—act defiantly unapologetic that they can't read music? Why not learn? I'd wager it's a heck of a lot easier than learning a foreign language, and people do that all the time.

My projected winner: Jordin Sparks or Blake Lewis. Of those I see as realistic contenders, I'd love to see Melinda or Lakisha win.
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Re: "American Idol" fans? - 03/30/07 11:05 AM

Melinda all the way...wish they would just KICK Sanjaya off...it's way past time...comeon.
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Re: "American Idol" fans? - 04/03/07 05:41 PM

the biggest problem with Sanjaya is that his voice isn't necessarly "bad" per say. he just doesn't sing. there's a difference. It is a singing competition, like, if it were a piano competition, we couldn't go out there and play Angel Eyes, expecting to win. He needs to prove that he can sing.

Blake definitally deserves the crown... watch his pre idol stuff on youtube sometime.

vocally, Lakisha and Melinda should probably be the final two, but they may end up becoming lost in the industry.

Chris R. needs to show more artisty and show a stronger voice. I like him, but am not seeing his full potential as of yet.

I'm still angry about Sundance not making it any further, I saw something great in him. not an angry that disturbes me at night, just within the show.
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Re: "American Idol" fans? - 05/11/07 05:13 AM

My favorite used to be Blake, but lately i find him trying too hard, too polished, hence very unnatural \:\(

My bet is on Jordin :p She sparks.