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rant rant blah blah rant

Posted By: born2die

rant rant blah blah rant - 08/31/06 08:55 PM

I know I dont post on here much but it is because my knowlage is limited in comparison to most people on here but here goes a rant so I appologise if I offened anyone as this is not aimed at the regular posters on here.

Recently I have e mailed some public domain sheets to at least 5 people on here as I have quite a large collection on my hd icluding some autograph sheets.

Now some of these sheets are quite large and wont fir in an e mail so I spend 10 15 minuits (I need a smellchecker laugh )sorting zipping and uploading for these people and out of 5 people 1 just one thanks eek :b: . people on here that have requested them

Now I am only 30 and I was brought up with some common curtosy and politness and I try to thanks anybody that helps me or replies to my posts requests for sheets etc so I am sure it would'nt hurt these people to take 2 mins to reply as they must have spent 20 minuits registering finding there way around and posting.

so from now on I think I am only going to reply to please for x y and z to people with 10 or 20 posts under there belt. I reaise we all have to start somewhere but this really annoys me.

But I would like to thank Bosendorfer88 for being so polite and gratefull and responding.

there rant over and i feel better now

love and peace


laugh bah
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