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Some clean humour...

Posted By: SergRach

Some clean humour... - 06/16/07 06:16 PM

Said the lawyer to the waitress after seeing the dessert menu:

*Since I'm a lawyer, I think I'll have the Torte*.

Posted By: PoStTeNeBrAsLuX

Re: Some clean humour... - 06/16/07 06:38 PM

A Englishman is eating in a Parisian restaurant and finds a fly in his soup.

He summons the waiter and declares in his best French "Regardez... un mouche!"

The waiter peers into the dish and says "Non monsieur, c'est une mouche."

The Englishman replies "Goodness me, you must have incredibly good eyesight!"
Posted By: catluver

Re: Some clean humour... - 06/17/07 03:04 AM

haha quite clever!
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