Have You Seen These Yet?

Posted by: Piano World

Have You Seen These Yet? - 07/25/03 04:49 PM

Decided to post this here too, in case you don't usually visit the Piano Forum.

The main Piano World site is almost 1000 pages[/b]

Just for fun check these out:

Take The Piano Quiz

View the Strange Pianos

Try the Piano Chords Machine

Play the Virtual Java Piano

Read Interesting Facts page.

Try your hand at our Music Word Searches

Or Download our Free Piano Screen Saver

Links to many other resources

Directory of stuff you can find on Piano World

- Frank B.
Piano World
Posted by: justme

Re: Have You Seen These Yet? - 07/25/03 04:59 PM

I just want to thank you for every thing. And in a way of thanking you I want you to know that I've been giving this website address to many of my customers.
Posted by: The D's Pianist

Re: Have You Seen These Yet? - 07/25/03 09:02 PM

Dittoing the thanks that justme gave, and I've also been giving references... except they're to fellow pianists in my area. ;\)

Thanks for posting those links and making such a great place for us outcast pianists to hang out! \:\)
Posted by: Piano World

Re: Have You Seen These Yet? - 07/30/03 11:14 PM

Posted by: apple*

Re: Have You Seen These Yet? - 08/04/03 08:06 PM

I'll be doing those word searches in my spare time. Thanks Frank
Posted by: ChickGrand

Re: Have You Seen These Yet? - 08/08/03 06:31 PM

I like the new blue-bar dividers on the Forum home page. Makes it much easier to navigate. (I rather wondered if we were challenging your patience and magnanimity a couple of weeks ago when the "Coffee Room" got demoted to a lower position on the list.

P.S. Where's the other half of "Smash Freak", the lopsided-eyed part?
Posted by: Briguy65

Re: Have You Seen These Yet? - 08/09/03 02:48 AM

Testing new avatar \:\)
Posted by: ChickGrand

Re: Have You Seen These Yet? - 08/09/03 03:20 AM

Ah, Frank, you are now a god. Thank you for the spell check. The older I get the more I second guess things as I stare at them. Amazing what doesn't look right anymore that is and what does but isn't. Happy to see the new button.

Also, it's a great addition to to have the post to which one is replying appear now at the bottom of the reply composition page. Saves all that otherwise back and forth.

Regarding colors--is it possible to permit the page background to use the user's "system color" for background? (I do web pages commercially to some extent, but I'm not sure how to code this.)The advantage of that would be that the user would see on his/her local computer whatever he/she/it has chosen as easiest on the eyes with his/her/its given monitor. In my own case, that's a slightly tan, lightish yellow. Not nearly tennis-ball "optic" yellow, but in the remote neighborhood to get good visibility without the blinding contrast of black on white.
I did the color test in the other thread and still arrived at that as easiest on the eye after a bit of tinkering with many colors and shades.
Posted by: RKVS1

Re: Have You Seen These Yet? - 08/09/03 03:54 AM

The scrollable thread image on the reply page is a welcome addition, as is the smell checker, although I'm guessing it still will miss syntax errors. (that's not really true, folks, one of them got chipped that's all)

I concur with ChickGrand about the button colors though, they are a little busy and do make it a bit difficult to select the desired button "at a glance".

Well, now that I TRIED the spell checker it didn't work......just gave me a blank "done" page. Tried "select all" first, same result. Same thing when I just repositioned the cursor to the top of the page, or highlighted just a portion of the message.
Anybody else have this problem? Maybe it was just miffed about the "smell checker" comment?

Oh well it'll work out in the end, I'm sure.
Posted by: Piano World

Re: Have You Seen These Yet? - 08/09/03 08:07 AM

I agree, the buttons are hard to see.
I'll have to see what I can do to come
up with something better (time to fire up PhotoShop).

Have to find out where the bug is in the spellchecker, working on it.

Other stuff to follow.

- Frank B.
Piano World