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The design of piano keys

Posted By: Franklin Lautert

The design of piano keys - 03/09/13 10:14 PM

Hi all,
I am beginning to learn piano and study the theory, so I apologize if what I say is obviously stupid smile
As I could understand, there are actually 12 notes in each octave, there being nothing apecial about the seven traditional ones, other than they are close to the natural scale and tend to sound good together (?). At first, the piano ancestors had only the long (white) keys and the short ones were introduced gradually.
What I was wondering is: would it not be better if we had six long keys and six short one in each octave? We would only have to find a way to mark the Cs (maybe a different color).
Ok, the C scale would no longer be all whites, many classical notes would be in a short keys, and we would need a new way to write the music. But it would be so much easier to learn to play smile All chords would be the same for all notes (you just needed to learn one major, one minor, etc), transposing would be a piece of cake, identifying an interval would be much easier...
Has it been imagine/tryies before? Does that make any sense at all? crazy
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