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A Fantastic Musician...

Posted By: Ken Knapp

A Fantastic Musician... - 07/05/11 07:34 PM

Not that long ago I discovered a really good musician who I have since followed on YouTube and facebook. Her name is Jessica Frech and for being nineteen she's pretty incredible.

She has entered one of her songs in a contest to become Honda's theme song and one of the prizes is a new Civic. Below is a link to her song and also a like button for those who wish to vote for her. This is the final round and she got my vote. The song is fantastic...

You Can't Get Better Than This

Also, below is a link to her YouTube page. Lots of her songs, PLUS some comedy videos she's done, including "The People of Wal*Mart".
Jessica's YouTube Page

I don't pass things like this along too often, but she has really impressed me!

Posted By: Ken Knapp

Re: A Fantastic Musician... - 07/10/11 11:52 AM

I can't believe it.. A rap song is leading in the contest.. What's the world coming to? laugh
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