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Scriabin Triplets -- disjoined

Posted By: neusys

Scriabin Triplets -- disjoined - 03/22/16 03:02 AM

Can anyone explain where the beat falls on a 'disjointed' triplet -- a triplet where the bar line falls between the first and second note, e.g. Scriabin Sonata No. 1, 3rd mvt. Thank you.
Posted By: jeffreyjones

Re: Scriabin Triplets -- disjoined - 04/04/16 01:40 AM

This would be a good question for Pianist Corner. Pretty strange seeing it here. Scriabin does this when he is going for a "barless" feeling. The beat is still there at the correct time, but it is not felt unless a melodic event occurs along that line.
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