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The piece is still new to me. I recorded it for a summer program audition. Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions.

Sorry, I posted in the wrong place.
I'll tell you what, I like this. It reminds me of when I used to play it in college.

You have a lot of spirit, a lot of energy, and you have an excellent ear for the broad structure. You maintain excellent line throughout, and the performance has great character, style, vigour. Lots of things I love about it.

What it needs now is refinement. It's not that it isn't refined, in fact it is, but I can tell it's fairly new to you.

Now that you have the broad structures, listen to the smaller structures. Listen to each motive, refine each motive, give it more breath and more breadth. Don't be afraid to take the tempo down a bit in the final performance and give us more space (although I like your tempo). Listen to your staccatos - sometimes they could be longer for instance.

I'd love the chance to sit down with you and work on it together - mainly because I'd learn a lot about the piece too - but alas we're on different continents.

You are a very good pianist, thank you for sharing.
Oh, I love this!, please move to members' recordings , this needs to be heard!

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