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F.A.Q. - 07/10/03 11:34 AM

The FAQ forum is where we will be posting
answers to common questions asked in our other forums.

This is a read-only forum, you cannot post here.

If you don't find the answers you need, please try our search feature (where it says search at top of page).

Or try looking around our main site Piano World where we have nearly 1000 pages of information, listings of tuners, teachers, dealers, movers and much more.

Of course, you are always welcome to post your question(s), piano or music news, concert reviews, etc.

If you think you know a helpful thread that should be moved here, please let me know.
At the top (left side) of every post thread there is a link to email the thread to someone.
Please email it to me (webmaster@pianoworld.com) and I'll take a look.

If I think it qualifies, I'll move it into the FAQ forums.

- Frank B.
Piano World
Posted By: musclemusic

Re: F.A.Q. - 03/22/16 12:02 AM

good day
how do I change or insert a profile pic from my own photo gallery
many thanks
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