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Cleaning Crayon from Piano

Posted By: Lindy

Cleaning Crayon from Piano - 01/20/04 02:03 AM

My 2 1/2 year old daughter took after our piano with a crayon (purple I think). The piano in question is the one in my sig line (Kawai RX-6, Satin Ebony). I've tried mild detergent and warm water with a soft cotton rag, and the stain is lessened, but I still see some long, greasy lines in the piano that refuse to come out. They mock me!

The satin finish just seems to "soak up" the waxy crayon and refuses to let it go. Any suggestions for how to safely remove it?

Posted By: BDB

Re: Cleaning Crayon from Piano - 01/20/04 02:35 AM

Well, recognizing that sometimes you need to take stronger measures, I would try mineral spirits (paint thinner). It dissolves wax, and shouldn't affect the finish. Try it in an inconspicuous spot first, to be sure. Use a little on a rag when the room is well-ventilated, and make sure the rag doesn't spontaneously combust when it dries.
Posted By: TheloniousPunk

Re: Cleaning Crayon from Piano - 01/20/04 03:19 AM

I haven't tried it, but one of WD-40's claims is that it dissolves crayon. Probably true. It does everything else they claim it does.
Posted By: lkplatow

Re: Cleaning Crayon from Piano - 01/20/04 05:18 AM

Tee hee....if I ever manage to find a piano, I'm sure I'll be the next one on here posting a question like this! At any rate, crayola's website has a very helpful interactive guide to removing any of their products from just about anything (don't ask me how I know this!)


Good luck!

Posted By: NorthAmerican

Re: Cleaning Crayon from Piano - 01/20/04 05:25 AM

And here are the instructions from Crayola's Web site on removing stains from finished wood:

Spray the surface to be cleaned with WD-40 and wipe clean with a soft cloth. If residue remains add liquid dishwashing soap to water. Wash the surface with a sponge working in a circular motion and rinse.
Posted By: Lindy

Re: Cleaning Crayon from Piano - 01/20/04 12:35 PM

Thanks for the tips! I'll try it when I get home from work tonight and let you know how well it works.

2 year olds are just little bundles of energy. They can be a lot of fun, but my oh my can they be naughty. You turn your back for 2 seconds...
Posted By: fmelliott

Re: Cleaning Crayon from Piano - 01/20/04 12:37 PM

Please be careful about using wd40 near a piano! It contains silicone if I remember correctly. It will contaminate pin blocks and cause fish eyes in any refinishing attempts in the near future. Keep it out of the interior of the piano especially.

Good luck.
Posted By: anacrusis

Re: Cleaning Crayon from Piano - 01/20/04 12:45 PM

I sent the poster a private email but want everyone to know that Murphy's Oil Soap is a natural product that removes crayon very well. It now comes in a spray bottle. I have had tremendous luck with this product and recommend it highly, after all it is soap and nothing else.
Posted By: anacrusis

Re: Cleaning Crayon from Piano - 01/20/04 12:47 PM

Rer my previous post, I do not have experience removing crayon from piano with this or any other product. Test first!
Posted By: SamLewisPiano.com

Re: Cleaning Crayon from Piano - 01/20/04 02:05 PM

WD40 does not contain silicone. This is an old rumor that just won't die. Yes, be careful. It will NOT cause fish eye or any other finish problems. The only way it will cause pinblock problems is if it is sprayed directly on/in the block........Sam
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