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Price for a 2008 Yamaha U1?

Posted By: Justin1287

Price for a 2008 Yamaha U1? - 04/12/19 03:37 AM

I found a 2008 Yamaha U1 piano. The guy says it is in great shape except for a chip on one of the legs. He said it was his Mothers and that she hardly played it. It has been transferred from Florida Humidity to the dry climate of Colorado. Is that gonna be an issue? I plan to take a tech with me to look at it. I have never owned a piano before but have been playing guitar for over 20 years. He wants $2,200. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!
Posted By: Justin1287

Re: Price for a 2008 Yamaha U1? - 04/12/19 05:33 PM

Posted By: terminaldegree

Re: Price for a 2008 Yamaha U1? - 04/15/19 02:20 PM

Hi Justin,

You've posted this in the wrong forum, which is why it isn't getting replies.
Bringing a technician with you to inspect is a very good idea, prior to purchase.
If the piano were in good shape and regularly maintained (sounds like this one may not be), I would expect it to be priced at $5k (or slightly higher).
$2200 is unbelievably low...as in, check to see if it isn't a scam, and the serial number matches the build date, and nothing's seriously wrong with it!
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