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Posted By: trithai Comparison between Yamaha GC2 and Kawai RX2 - 04/27/15 01:22 AM

We're looking for recommendations regarding these 2 grand pianos. The offered price for both pianos are very close but we don't know which one is better.

We appreciate any input/recommendation.

trithai :

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It is a hard decision to me; therefore, love to hear your suggestions?want to purchase a grand piano for my girl to play. also, love to have a piece art in our living room. However, due to our budget, currently, I have three choices;: Baldwin, M-5'2, 1967; Weber, WG-150, 4'11, 2006; Howard, C155, 5'1,1998.
All of them said that they are in excellent condition. If you were me, and going to hire a technician to check one piano. Which one you will choose. They are all in a similar price range at USD 3,000-3,500. Which one is worth to purchase? Thanks!!
I like the Kawai RX2.
What I liked best about it camparing to the Yami, was the shape and feel of the black keys! Touch is everything to me. The bass on the Kawai is what sold me on it. Very rich! Yami was too bright. Price was better on the Kawai for me too! Key on! hahahaha\

Play lots and buy what feels good to you! Personal really!
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