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how to post an image?

Posted By: Firefinch

how to post an image? - 08/18/12 05:35 PM

I wanted to display an image of a page of a score of mine.
But i haven't got a clue how you do it.
If I choose ''enter an image'' it asks for a url for the image. I havent got one.
Can any one help please?
Thanks Rob.
Posted By: Piano*Dad

Re: how to post an image? - 08/18/12 05:43 PM

Frank prefers that you use his uploader, so that the picture remains a permanent part of the record.

Uploading photos

Me, I prefer just dumping them into Facebook or Photobucket and linking to them. smile
Posted By: Eric Gloo

Re: how to post an image? - 08/18/12 06:31 PM

Photo Uploader

You may get an error message once you've entered your information and clicked "Submit Form", but that is OK. Check your e-mail and you'll have an e-mail from Piano World. The e-mail will contain an address for your photo. Copy this address. Go back to the Piano World Forums to the spot where you want to display an image. Click on the "Enter an image" icon and follow the prompts.
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