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Posted By: Stax Queen Elisabeth Competition - 05/03/21 06:14 PM
Hi all,

Today the Queen Elisabeth Competition has started. An entire month of watching amazing young pianists at work.
This is one of the most prestiges and difficult competitions a pianist can attend if selected.
Because of Covid-19 this event will take place without an audience.
This event is streaming live!

Here is the link: STREAM
Posted By: SunnyKeys Re: Queen Elisabeth Competition - 05/04/21 08:37 PM
Watched a few minutes! Enthralling!
Posted By: AssociateX Re: Queen Elisabeth Competition - 06/01/21 06:49 AM
I watched some of these performances with my piano friends and we had running bets on which players would advance..i was so sure Sakata would place higher…any thoughts on why he only placed 4th?
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