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Amateur Piano Groups in London

Posted By: Lorraine SE22

Amateur Piano Groups in London - 06/15/13 09:07 AM

Good morning!

I've set up a monthly piano group for amateur pianists in Central London.

All of the groups have performance opportunities and take place at different venues in Central London, all with really lovely pianos. Some are aimed at beginner to intermediate pianists, others are for advanced level. Most are mixed and open to any level. We also have masterclasses on specific issues like tension in playing, effective piano practice etc.


Here is a link to join our mailing list. Membership of the group is free.


[Linked Image]
Posted By: ClsscLib

Re: Amateur Piano Groups in London - 06/15/13 01:25 PM

What a lovely idea! Best of luck with it, and I hope you'll come back here and provide some reports of the proceedings. It might inspire others to set up similar groups in their areas.
Posted By: Lorraine SE22

Re: Amateur Piano Groups in London - 06/16/13 09:20 PM

Thank you!

We've had a few groups so far. You can see some photos from our launch event in May here, it was a lot of fun. We handed out free copies of magazines to attendees and had a short performance from an up and coming young pianist Emmanuel Vass:

Posted By: Mark Polishook

Re: Amateur Piano Groups in London - 07/07/13 09:51 AM

Very nice thank you. I'm in Leicester and have just signed on.
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