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Moszkowski - Étude #2 op 72 [My perfomance]

Posted By: FranKiisko

Moszkowski - Étude #2 op 72 [My perfomance] - 02/18/12 07:15 PM

Hi to everyone! I'd like to show you my perfomance of "Étude #2" op 72 from Moritz Moszkowski. smile

This study cames from a set of fifteen studies called by Moszkowski "Per aspera". That's a latin phrase which says "Per aspera ad astrum" and the meaning is "Through the difficult to the stars" (through the difficult ways)

He wanted to reflex the difficulty (above all technique) of his works. I didn't know this composer which I've fallen in love. Incredible his armonies and his musical point of view, very similar to mine. I've alredy played his 2 first studies of this opus (I'll show you the first one very soon ^^=

I hope you like my perfomance! laugh

Posted By: CHAS

Re: Moszkowski - Étude #2 op 72 [My perfomance] - 02/26/12 04:43 PM

Well done.
Thank you.
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