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VOTE for President Now! (new Poll)

Posted By: Piano World

VOTE for President Now! (new Poll) - 10/15/04 08:49 AM

As requested, posting a new poll.
If you could vote today, who would you vote for?

The results of our previous poll were:
54 - Bush
55 - Kerry
4 - Nader
13 - None of the above
Posted By: Piano World

Re: VOTE for President Now! (new Poll) - 11/02/04 10:22 AM

This is how our unofficial vote sees it.
Still too close to call.
Posted By: wolfindmist

Re: VOTE for President Now! (new Poll) - 09/10/05 05:36 AM

Can we do another election now?

I wonder how many people who did vote for Bush in 2004 would do so again if they voted today.

I just wonder how would the folks here grade our president's performance in handling the Iraq War, and now the Katrina disaster on the Gulf Coast.

His poll numbers are slipping these days; so my guess would be some would change their votes now.
Posted By: keytops

Re: VOTE for President Now! (new Poll) - 09/11/05 10:57 PM

I would vote for Bush again. There's a lot of good things happening over in Iraq that the news just dosent report. I've heard from a number of troups via radio talk shows about how good things are going. It's a war it's not a cake walk. I believe that with everyone standing by our presadent, agree or disagree, we will triumph. We are the united states of america. Let's stand united.
I'm going to start a new line of news channel where everything reported is positive, then maybe people will be less focused on the negativity in this country(as with any country) and see that we really are a great nation of people.
Posted By: Piano Gal

Re: VOTE for President Now! (new Poll) - 08/14/06 08:34 PM

Posted By: grotrian grand piano

Re: VOTE for President Now! (new Poll) - 08/22/06 05:26 AM

Interesting. Since the national polls show that the country isn't evenly divided at all, this PW poll implies, as I'd once suspected, that the members here are much more conservative than Americans as a whole.
Posted By: Craig137

Re: VOTE for President Now! (new Poll) - 10/30/06 09:24 AM

I suspected that the members here were a good lot!
Posted By: brummell

Re: VOTE for President Now! (new Poll) - 12/23/06 09:03 PM

I didn't vote for GW the first time he ran. I didn't vote for his dad either. Bottom line: I would never, ever vote for either of them.
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