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RZ is not JA

Posted By: gryphon

RZ is not JA - 04/21/05 09:05 PM

...or is he?

John Andrew was fond of using the word "fascinating" when saying derisive things about conservatives. So condescending. Some examples:

I think the wingers are far more obsessed with Senator Clinton than the Democrats. Fascinating.

What a fascinating list of supporters for Mr. Kerry. (89 had said NAMBLA supported Kerry)

Gryphon and Jeffrey, Fascinating. Neither of you see anything the United States has done in the Middle East as contributing to the present problems that led to the rise of terrorism as a tactic of war...Absolutely fascinating.

That is one heck of a fascinating article.

Absolutely fascinating that the same people who profess confidence in the Swiftboat guys -- even after all of the allegations were proven false and their illegal connection with the White House made known -- are the same ones who claim that Mr. Dean is a liar and that Mr. Bush is the Messiah.

Fascinating takes on Mr. Bush's speech. I thought it was one of his least effective efforts. (after a ny1911 supportive post)

What I find fascinating about the GOP attempts to denigrate Mr. Kerry's actions for which he received three Purple Hearts is that it also denigrates all other Purple Heart winners.

A fascinating look at the use of wedge issues by the Republicans -- and a few such issues the Democrats could use in retaliation.

And another poll out today which continues the similarity in findings:...Fascinating to me how almost all of them are converging.

I find it fascinating that people who have not seen the film and refuse to see the film are telling those who did

Fascinating. What so many have been saying for so long-- and it has all be considered to be treasonous talk by many on this Board.

Have you seen the new movie Saved? A fascinating and entertaining portrait of intolerance.

A fascinating philosophy, Jolly. It does not matter if you do the right thing or the wrong thing.

Fascinating articles, KathyK, which properly define think tanks for what they are -- organs of a larger ideological movement, not objective academicians.

One of the things I find fascinating about this forum, indeed about the political discussion in this country in general, is how those who maintain they have a Constitutional right to bear arms so they can protect their personal freedom if the government ever tries to take it away, are among the most strident supporters of government actions diminishing our civil liberties piece by piece, step by step.

Absolutely fascinating how quickly defensive everyone gets when the finger is pointed at THEIR religion -- after they have condemned other religions based on the actions of a very small peercentage of its adherents.

Now RZ has only been here a couple of months, yet hes managed to start a healthy trend in his own style. Or is it?

A fascinating article and one which simply underlines what we already know. It has been clearly documented and shown that Bush and his Administration has bungled this entire thing from the beginning through lack of planning, lack of understanding, and adherence to ideological purity.

Fascinating. If only it were not in the future.

How fascinating. Do the wagons always circle when Larry is called to account for his name calling, negative characterizations of other's values and viewpoints and general nastiness?

Oh, that and the whole same IP address thing.
Posted By: Tom--K

Re: RZ is not JA - 04/21/05 09:09 PM

They have the same IP?????????????????

Well, he fooled me!

But RZ was loving Benedict 16 and JA was pouting and weeping about him.

If yout are the same people--they have two different takes on Catholicism.
Posted By: gryphon

Re: RZ is not JA - 04/21/05 09:12 PM

Posted By: Jeffrey

Re: RZ is not JA - 04/21/05 09:44 PM

Posted By: jodi

Re: RZ is not JA - 04/21/05 09:48 PM

I use that word fascinating a lot too.


smile Jodi
Posted By: Tom--K

Re: RZ is not JA - 04/21/05 09:48 PM

Originally posted by Jeffrey:
I don't know--I would consider it fascinating. laugh
Posted By: jodi

Re: RZ is not JA - 04/21/05 09:49 PM

Oh, and I googled words and phrases to try to figure out who was who too. Boy, was I wrong on a couple of occasions.

smile Jodi
Posted By: gryphon

Re: RZ is not JA - 04/21/05 09:52 PM

There's a couple of other things I didn't mention, but I thought them superfluous and these sufficient.
Posted By: Ariel

Re: RZ is not JA - 04/21/05 09:52 PM


How can you check IPs???
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