But Will He Testify?

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But Will He Testify? - 06/04/02 09:50 PM

Today, a group of Haliburton stockholders filed a class action suit against Halburton for cooking its books while de facto President Cheney ran the company. This is in addition to the SEC investigation into the same thing. (Of course, Cheney got quite a nice golden handshake for being such a great execuutive. Imagine if we find out it was all smoke and mirrors -- ala Anderson accounting methods!)

Do you think the de Facto President will agree testify if called upon? Or will this be another "I am Vice President! I don't have to tell you how I developed public policy for energy and you cannot compel me to testify in this either! No one has the right to investigate THIS White House!"

(Of course, he say it much more nicely -- and wrap it in some high fallutin' patriotic language).
Posted by: Derick

Re: But Will He Testify? - 06/04/02 10:12 PM

A former CEO testify. Hahahaha!!!

Seriously, I think it would compromise national security if he were to testify.

Posted by: JBryan

Re: But Will He Testify? - 06/04/02 10:22 PM


I grow weary of arguing with you. I am weary of your inflamatory rhetoric and blatant misstatement of the facts. You never address the rebuttals I make, you simply come back with more inflamatory rhetoric and misstatement of fact. It has been amusing but I don't really have the time for this. Just blather on if it pleases you.
Posted by: JohnC

Re: But Will He Testify? - 06/04/02 11:16 PM

In another post George said:

Kind of makes attacking future-President Clinton's duck hunting seem silly. [/b]
In numerous posts George has used the descriptive pejoratives:

"de facto President Cheney" [/b] and "Il Duce Bush2" [/b]
George, I'm just a little curious.....now can I call you a liberal? \:D
Posted by: JBryan

Re: But Will He Testify? - 06/04/02 11:38 PM

Actually, I think he is just prodding us in his own playful way. Fact is, Dick Cheney is from my home town (and a small one it is) so I know something about the man. When someone out and out calls him a crook it is a little irritating to me.

George wants desparately for this Administration to be full of thieves and liars just like the last one. It would make him feel better with the world. Oh, and before someone accuses me of hypocrisy for using inflamatory rhetoric I will say that I can at least back it up with FACTS. Along with facts I use inflamatory rhetoric all the time. ;\)
Posted by: Eldon

Re: But Will He Testify? - 06/05/02 02:06 AM

George and JBryan,
Just last week I was thinking to myself about how well the two of you volley back and forth with each other. \:\) I've really marveled at the patience and respect you seem to have for each other. You both have put my poor little brain to work. Thank you. Why, I feel so enlightened! \:\)