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One to go out with the Coffee Room.

Posted By: Axtremus

One to go out with the Coffee Room. - 04/21/05 05:44 PM

One to go out with the Coffee Room:

You'll get essentially the same content for either link.

Excerpt from the liner note:

Recurring Fantasy, the first movement, is best listened to while reading/posting on the Piano Forum and/or the Coffee Room. This is a very long movement. It has got everything -- beautiful eloquent phrases, conflicts, heart-warming moments, excitement, celebrations, bombastic ecstasies, frequent rehashing of basically a few same old ideas -- all the drama that you have come to love and expect on the Piano Forum and the Coffee Room. (Opening theme aside, interesting developments starting on the 1:58, 3:05, 4:17, 5:11, 6:10, 6:56, 7:26, 8:06, 9:15, 10:19, 11:24, 12:48, 13:13 marks). When you think you've reached the end of the movement and exhausted the material, starting from the 14:40 mark, you will hear an unusual reprise, and you will hear something that doesn't sound like a piano -- that's when you head over to the Piano Tuner-Technician's Forum to see what the heck is wrong with the piano.
Sorry the official release won't beat the Coffee Room to it on their way out. laugh
Posted By: apple*

Re: One to go out with the Coffee Room. - 04/21/05 06:08 PM

I've saved them.. Looking forward to a listen.. got them both in case one doesn't work.
Posted By: kathyk

Re: One to go out with the Coffee Room. - 04/21/05 07:41 PM

Ax, I made it about 2/3 of the way through the 1st, but lost it when I was internet multi-tasking. Did you post it before or play it in the last year? It has a familiar ring. It's great -just great.

You'll be posting it in the members download area, I hope. And are you playing it at the recital?

You *do* amaze me with your talent and polish for one who hasn't even gone the formal music studies route. thumb
Posted By: jon-nyc

Re: One to go out with the Coffee Room. - 04/21/05 09:04 PM

Great recording. You're out of control, man.
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