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a - 04/21/05 05:04 PM

Posted By: apple*

Re: a - 04/21/05 05:07 PM

create a document on your computer

go to the search function - search NAK

copy and paste.. you have plenty of time..
Posted By: NAK

Re: a - 04/21/05 05:09 PM

Posted By: Jack Frost

Re: a - 04/21/05 05:12 PM


Only 2500 or so posts. Better start now.

By the way, a lot or all of the Coffee Room is on Google, and if your user name is unique enough you can pull up your own posts. Try "ChickGrand" for example.

And after the site is down the Google cache will still have the pages.

I am afraid a search for "Apple" won't work by itself, but perhaps in combination with something else.

Posted By: jgoo

Re: a - 04/21/05 05:15 PM

But typing your name in at google turns up only one or two hits at best. (That actually point to PW, that is).
Posted By: jgoo

Re: a - 04/21/05 05:31 PM

I haven't been searching for long, NAK, but already I have found these:









Posted By: kluurs

Re: a - 04/21/05 06:49 PM

NAK's delight...the kluurs train wreck

Larry can be scary
piqué can be mean
MattG is the forum king
Jodi is the queen

Jolly knows his politics
Jack Frost stands his ground
Jgoo's never angry
At least not when I'm around

TomK is da playa
KathyK's da played
Dwain Lee's posts reflect his faith
Same with ol' Kincaid

Cindysphinx is Jolly's clone
Though left wing she may be
And if 89th is in a fight
I hope it ain't with me

apple* is the forum mom
Jeffrey's now a dad
Justme adds a homey touch
Something that rhymes with "ad"

Dan seeks civility
as he cheers the Steelers on
Brendan shows his ability
As he plays Messian

Ycul's such a sweet one
of so much she is wise
Penny cooks a ton
as a chef she makes great pies

Renauda finds the oil
so Kenny's car will go
DocMoonlight lances the boil
so the infection doesn't grow...

Plebus' has a funny cat
Sarah keeps a parrot blue
Crashtest's heart goes pitter pat
spurned by a girl not true

Nina's known for her mighty snort
Cathys oh so fine
Quirt can produce a mighty tort
but prefers a glass of wine

JBryan's words thunder down
While Gryphon flings out smiles
Katie sews fanastic gowns
for waltzing down the aisles

NAK is our poet prince
his words sound strong and sound
KLuurs verses make people wince
not quite like Ezra Pound

Frank watches over us all
protects the pure and kind
hates to see us have a brawl
He hopes we learn to mind...

hope no more verses come to me
this is oh so queer
don't hate me for this spree
of words best read with beer...
Posted By: ivorythumper

Re: a - 04/21/05 06:53 PM

you nailed it Kluurs
that's fersures
Posted By: NAK

Re: a - 04/21/05 07:10 PM

Posted By: NAK

Re: a - 04/21/05 07:13 PM

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