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Commercials are funny

Posted By: jgoo

Commercials are funny - 03/15/02 06:49 AM

Among the funniest commercials that I've ever seen are the old "got milk" commercials. My favriote one is the one where the old grandpas are drinking milk in that restaraunt when these mafia looking guys come in and kick some people out of thier booth. The grandpas start throwing spit balls at them. The mafia guys get up. So do the grandpas.
Maifa Guy: What. Do you want to dance old man?
Grandpas: HAUU! Grandpas
Grandpas smack their heads into the "buff guys", knocking them down, and then proceed to their "get away car" and drive off. It was hullarious!

Another is this one:

Mom: drink you milk kids.
girl: But I don't want to!
Mom: Its good for you and it will make you strong.
Boy: But Mr. ______ (can't remember name) said that hes never drank milk, and look at him!
They look out window at their neighbor, Mr. _____. He smiles, waves, and then tries to pick up a wheelbarrow. He arms snap off out of thier sockets.
Kids: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Drink glasses of milk fast)
Cut to old neighbor outside: (looking at arms) Oohh, that can't be good.

But, there are A LOT of funny commercials out there, just as funny as these, and maybe even more funny. These just happen to be some of my favriotes. What ones do you all like? I'll have to think this one for a while, as I know that there are others that I'm going to want to post here at some point.
Posted By: JBryan

Re: Commercials are funny - 03/15/02 12:38 PM

I like the Gateway commercials with the talking cow. "Moo". laugh
Posted By: Samejame

Re: Commercials are funny - 03/15/02 06:14 PM

Of the most recent ads I've seen, I'd say the Bud Light "Alterior Emotions" CD advertised during the Salt Lake City Olympics were funny.

As you said, Jgoo, I'd have to think for a while about the funniest or favourite ad.

Posted By: Bernard

Re: Commercials are funny - 03/15/02 10:13 PM

I HATE commercials. And it makes me angry those 1 or 2 times a year when I see a really good commercial that makes me laugh. Because I hate them and I don't want them to make me laugh!! Arrgh. wink
Posted By: Nina

Re: Commercials are funny - 03/16/02 11:39 PM

My favorite of late is the MasterCard (or is it Visa?) ad that shows the two guys driving around the US attending games at every major league ballpark.

I think it's because this is probably my #2 fantasy of all time; #1 is playing the piano at concert-level quality with no stage fright!

Posted By: JohnC

Re: Commercials are funny - 03/17/02 05:21 AM

Gotta' love those Bud Lite "hiya doin'" commercials.
Posted By: Dwain Lee

Re: Commercials are funny - 03/17/02 01:39 PM

Originally posted by jgoo:
Among the funniest commercials that I've ever seen are the old "got milk" commercials.

"OLD" Got Milk ads? Aw, youth is wasted on the young. Pardon me while I listen to my bones creak... wink

One of my favorite "old" commercials was a squiggly, black and white, line-drawing animated commercial for Pepto Bismol, I think, circa 1968, where a man is engaged in a conversation with his stomach. The man, and the stomach, complete with dangling tubes (and legs and feet, too) are sitting facing each other in contemporary, Eames-ish looking molded resin chairs discussing his diet:

(He whines...)
"But I likespicy foods..."

(Stomach responds, in a Jerry Stiller-ish rant...)

"Do you like heartbearn? Well, you're gonna GET it!!! Every time you eat a pepperoni pizza!!!"

Well of course, you had to see it to appreciate it. It just looked so ridiculous, this stomach sitting in the chair, with its feet(!) dangling, it just tickled my 8-year old funny bone.

I know it's a constantly sliding scale, but in a recent office discussion, my VP and I agreed that for something to be "old" for us, it couldn't have been produced after 1973 or so.
Posted By: RKVS1

Re: Commercials are funny - 03/17/02 06:23 PM

Mamma Mia Dats a Spicy Meatball!
Posted By: Steve Miller

Re: Commercials are funny - 03/18/02 05:25 AM

The funniest commericial in ever is the EDS commercial where the cowboys are herding cats!
Posted By: jgoo

Re: Commercials are funny - 03/20/02 05:56 AM

"Hey, Did you do that thing?"
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