Happy Valentines Day!

Posted by: Rickster

Happy Valentines Day! - 02/13/10 05:51 PM

Hi All,

Here is new Valentines Day song I wrote that I want to share with you all!

I hope you enjoy it!!!


Happy Valentines Day (Tomorrow grin)!!

Posted by: Avantgardenabi

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/13/10 06:18 PM

Hello, Rickster,

Valentines Day is actually tomorrow. XD

But thank you for sharing! I can't sing and play at the same time.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/13/10 07:27 PM

Thanks Avant! I meant to say Happy Valentines Day "Tomorrow"! grin

Take care,

Posted by: Rickster

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 04:14 PM

Life is full of regrets, is it not?

I regret posting this message here in this forum and I want to apologize to every member here for doing so. I won’t post any more of my music videos here on the piano forum, ever. There are apparently some very vindictive members here and this can be a cold, cruel place.

And, this message is for whom I suspect is a member here that wanted to get me good. Well, you got me. Congratulations!

Hi, federicompou,

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my YT music video. It is apparent that you recently joined YouTube as a member, as of today, as a matter of fact, and apparently did so specifically to insult and harass me for some reason. That is within your right to do so, I suppose. And, yes, you meant to be cruel. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I have a feeling I know who you are, but it really doesn’t matter at this point. You are entitled to your opinion. I suspect that you are a member of the Piano World forums and you don’t like me for some reason. That is your right too.

I honestly thought the song was quite good, and, though not professional, still pleasant to listen to, with a good Valentine’s Day message.

I learned a long time ago that you can’t please all the people all the time, and this is one of those times, I guess. I appreciate constructive criticism, but your comments were more of an insult than a real, legitimate constructive criticism. Had it been a legitimate criticism, you would have given me positive feedback with which to make improvements in my playing and composing instead of saying that the best part of the video was when I exited the piano… touché! You got me with that one.

Best regards and Happy Valentines Day!

Posted by: guest1013

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 06:44 PM

Rickster, that is a beautiful song that you wrote! You are blessed to have such love in your life! Thank you for sharing it, it is very hopeful and affirming.
Best wishes to you and yours for a Happy Valentine's Day!
I wish I could write songs. You have a gift many don't have.

Don't let rude critical people get you down. They will not have the love and joy you have so long as they continue on such a negative path.
Posted by: charleslang

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 06:54 PM

Rick, I thought your video was nice. It's painful to read the nasty comment exchange.

You know, it just takes one person with a computer and an internet connection. Don't let it get you down.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 07:45 PM

Thanks a lot, guest1013 and Charles.

I guess I need to be more thick skinned and not wear my feelings on my shoulders. I do, however, have good intuition and gut instincts. The person who posted such a scathing comment about my music video joined YouTube today. I posted my video here yesterday. I feel in my gut that this is someone on this forum whom I have rubbed the wrong way for some reason. They saw an opportunity to get back at me anonymously and they did so, with a smile on their face, I would imagine.

Whoever they are, they are 64 years old and live in the US. That is all the info I can find on them. I have my suspicions who they are. In fact, I kind of recognize the writing style.

I would rather they tell me what I did or said to offend them, so we can go from there.

I usually post my music videos on the Adult Beginners Forum, where I usually get good reviews, and constructive criticism that is helpful, instead of scathing insults. I made an error in judgment by posting the video here. I won’t make that mistake again.

You guys are right… I need to let it be like water off a ducks back.

Thanks again for your encouragement!

Happy Valentines Day!

Posted by: Silverwood Pianos

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 07:49 PM


Remember this always:

A person who criticizes another’s artistic endeavour is incapable of creating art themselves.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 07:58 PM

Thanks, Dan!

I know I shouldn’t let this bother me so bad, but it does for some reason. I guess that was this persons intentions. I sensed malice in their comments rather than constructive criticism.

I like your saying, by the way!

Take care!

Posted by: TX-Dennis

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 08:08 PM

That's another nice song. I'm glad your wife liked it. Have you noticed that many of the comments on youtube (not just the one you mentioned) are mean spirited and just downright nasty and/or profane? I guess that is the price you pay for putting your work out there for the whole world to see. Ignore them and they will eventually slither away like the snakes they are.
Posted by: Avantgardenabi

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 08:39 PM

Don't let a comment like that to discourage you, Rickster.

I think it's wonderful that you post your playing often in this forum. smile I personally know it is quite hard and takes time to make recordings.
Posted by: Terry5758

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 09:13 PM

Very well put!

Rick,i enjoy your videos and your personality. I find you very genuine and kind hearted,which these days is a breath of fresh air! Just keep on keeping on. Jealousy is like cancer,left untreated it can spread and eventually kill it's victim.In other words,this person has some serious issues and unless they get a check up from the neck up,eventually they become very unhappy and their soul dies. Many people live their lives unhappy and are very jealous of those of us who have found true happiness. Just wish them love and peace and soon your anger will go away and it will annoy the hell out of them!LOL It's just like the saying," Kill um with kindness."

I am reminded of the song from La Cage Aux Folles. " I am what i am,i don't want praise,i don't want pity. I bang my own drum,SOME THINK IT'S NOISE,I THINK IT'S PRETTY. IT'S MY SONG AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE STYLE I BRING IT'S MY SONG,SO AT LEAST RESPECT MY RIGHT TO SING IT. Your life is a sham till you can shout out loud I AM WHAT I AM."

Cheer up Rick and don't let anyone rain on your parade! I learned this a long time ago when people would call me vile names because of my sexuality.Now it (as you would say) rolls like water off a duck's back. I am what i am!

Carry on my friend!
Posted by: Furtwangler

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 10:29 PM


Pet Bubba for me!
Posted by: eweiss

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/14/10 10:48 PM

You do know that you can delete any comment you want right?
Posted by: Terry5758

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/15/10 05:51 AM

I will Furtwangler
Posted by: lilylady

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/15/10 06:14 AM

How romantic, Rick. You are very sweet and your Valentine very lucky!
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/15/10 08:23 AM

Thanks for all the supportive comments!

I do feel better about the situation. However, I still think the person who made the comment, which I have now removed, thanks to eweiss’s suggestion, is a member of this forum who wanted to take a jab at me for some reason.

Here is what they said:

“The composer's opinion is that this a wonderful song. Not to be cruel, but the playing is wobbly and meanders away from what I suppose could be called a melody. The singing is woeful rather than soulful. The recorded sound is horrible. One assumes the composer wishes to be seen more than heard. The best part of the video is the composer's hasty exit from the bench. Good move in this case!”

Here was my response:

“Thank you for taking the time to comment on my song. It is apparent that you recently joined YouTube, today, as a matter of fact, and apparently did so specifically to insult and harass me for some reason. And, yes, you meant to be cruel. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I have a feeling I know who you are, but it really doesn’t matter at this point. You are entitled to your opinion. I honestly thought the song was quite good.

Like I said, I think I know who this person is, but it really doesn’t matter now.

Take care,

Posted by: HappyApple

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/15/10 08:39 AM

I'm glad you posted it! I enjoyed it. Who is the yellow-belly, hateful, self-loathing coward that posted that ugly comment? I pity you.
Posted by: Larry Larson

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/16/10 03:53 PM

Rick, boy am I pissed off! I'm so sorry you had to endure this crap. I listen to a lot of postings in these forums, and i think yours are among the best. It's not just your playing and singing, but the kind of person you are, which clearly comes through in the videos. You're obviously a kind,talented, romantic, wise and sensitve guy and you add a lot to this community. You have been a real and meaningful encouragement to many of us.

Please don't let this one miscreant discourage you. If you quit posting songs, you're just empowering people like him. I don't know him, but I'm guessing he doesn't have much talent himself, and can only feel important and empowered by trying to hurt you.

I'm not some mamby pamby nicey-nice person who thinks we should only say postive things. There is a time for calling a spade a spade, and bring negative criticism. But it should be specific and brought in the context of the big picture. In your case, the big picture is that your music,lyrics and singing are good. It's authentic, and it's from the heart. There is never any good reason for a critic to get personal and cruel.

Rise above this, my friend. Write a song about it. Cruel people are parasitic. They feed on the pain of those they hurt. Rise above it and you will cut off their lifeline. Don't supply any more life-blood to this miserable tumor of a human being.

If I don't post a new song within 10 days, I will drive to Georgia and personally smack you upside the head!

Good, I feel better now.
Posted by: DanLaura Larson

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/16/10 06:18 PM

Originally Posted By: Larry Larson
Write a song about it.

That is a great idea. thumb

Posted by: Plowboy

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/16/10 07:34 PM

Rickster, that is really nice.
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/16/10 08:01 PM

Wow, Larry, I’m speechless!

What can I say, except thank you for your words of support and encouragement!

And, I guess I’d better get busy writing that new song if I’m going make that 10 day deadline! thumb

Thanks to all my wonderful Piano World friends!

Take care!

Posted by: NancyM333

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/16/10 08:15 PM

Rick--About a year ago Ted.Stanion posted this cartoon about YouTube comments. It's a little foul-mouthed, but it so perfectly captures the idiocy that is involved in YouTube comments that I had to pass it on here. I think in your current situtation you'll enjoy it:
Cartoon about YouTube video

Like everyone else said, consider the angry source and try to forget it. I am sure that person is not nearly as fortunate as you in their personal relationships, so just be glad you're not him/her. I know it would be hard for me to forget it too, so I certainly understand your reaction.

Posted by: Norbert

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/16/10 09:10 PM

Beautiful song, Rickster!! thumb

Just can't fully enjoy it unless know "where" piano was made....

Norbert help
Posted by: Rickster

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/17/10 08:08 AM

Hi All!

Thanks again for all the positive and encouraging comments regarding my Valentine’s song and the PW/YT critic. I’m still working on that new song, but in the meantime, here is a poem I wrote that expresses my thoughts.

The Critic:

The critic is there in the shadows, you know

Lying in wait for the end of the show

When the music is over and the singing is done

They use their words like they would a gun

They aim for the heart and soul of their prey

With scathing words and things they say

It doesn’t matter who they hurt or harm

Their goal is not to comfort or charm

In hopes of getting their message across

No one is immune from suffering or loss

The critic declares their words of woe

Because they are not the stars of the show

If the shoe were on the other foot

Would their performance be nearly as good

The critic will always be waiting in haste

To try and make one’s life a waste

The best defense of the artist to be

Is to pay no attention to the critic’s plea

Soon the critic will fade away

And find other performers to claim as their prey

To harass and insult as best they can

The aspiring performer, whether woman or man

Life goes on and so does the show

For the aspiring artist with their heart aglow

I know I can’t play a piano and sing very well, but I enjoy trying and learning! And, I do indeed welcome any and all real, constructive criticism.

Best regards to all!

Posted by: Rich Galassini

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/17/10 08:15 AM

Well done Rickster. I am a fan!
Posted by: Larry Larson

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/17/10 09:53 AM

I want to bring some balance to my previous post. I'm reminded of how when I watch "American Idol" and I see singers that are terrible I always think some time earlier in this person's life, someone should have told them that their singing was bad. Not that they were a bad person, or shouldn't sing, but that their singing was not good enough to entertain anyone outside the family. To fail to do tell them the truth is cruel, and exposes the person to potential ridicule later in their life.

Sometimes it seems we have ended up with two extremes. On the one hand; cruel, nasty, personal feedback, usually from anonymous people. On the other hand, positive feedback in the form of sycophantic, meaningless, uninformed drivel.

I think sometimes it's a generational thing. I'm 55, and when I was growing up, adults mostly thought that if you encouraged a child, or lavished praise on them, they would get a "big head". So then to compensate, people in my generation have gone overboard in the other direction, slathering effusive praise on their kids every time they successfully complete an inhale-exhale cycle.

There are also cultural differences. I was an accordionist in the Russian Folk Orchestra at the local university. We had a guest conductor for a few months who was from the Ukraine. One time during rehearsal I made an obvious and loud mistake. He stopped, glared at me and said "YOU ARE RIPPING OUT MY RUSSIAN SOUL!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO TRY TO RE-WRITE THIS BEAUTIFUL MUSIC!!?" I wanted to say "Geez dude, relax, I just hit a G instead of an E!" In some cultures, I suppose it is thought that strong, personal negative criticism will make the performer tough, that they will practice more to prove the critic wrong.

So, I think it's best to avoid the extremes. To be helpful, feedback should be as specific as possible, and about the product, not the person.

Incidently, I broke all my own rules in my criticism of Rickster's critic.
Posted by: Legal Beagle

Re: Happy Valentines Day! - 02/17/10 10:33 AM


I know I speak for many members of this forum when I say... I would LOVE to play well enough to post a video of my playing, and if I ever do, I hope it's as good as yours. Read the posts... we are out here trying to get our fingers to play even the most basic pieces from Alfred's or Faber, and questioning whether the idea that we'll ever actually play is a pipe dream... and here you are playing your own composition and playing it well. To hell with the snarker, you're my hero because you're DOING it. Don't stop.