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Ivorite on Yamaha

Posted By: Historical Keys

Ivorite on Yamaha - 01/28/10 06:36 PM

Does anyone know when Yamaha started using Ivorite on the keyboards? I am looking for a nice Yamaha grand and would really like to have one with the Ivorite keys.
Posted By: pianobroker

Re: Ivorite on Yamaha - 01/28/10 06:59 PM

You might wanna confirm that whatever preowned Yamaha grand that you are pursuimg,that the ivorite is the new and improved ivorite keyset in that the early ivorite turned brown and was not cleanable so to speak. Yamaha actually had a no cost to the original owner, keyset recall where they replaced the actual keyset during the warrany period. I believe the new ivorite keytops are still available from Yamaha USA. wink
Posted By: ChrisVenables

Re: Ivorite on Yamaha - 01/29/10 04:51 PM

I think it was around 1991 when Yamaha introduced the F suffix on their Conservatory series grands. Serial nos. from around 5 million.

The better keytops (at least they were better once, as pianobroker says, they found the right formula a couple of years later) also included wood composite sharps. The early Ivorite did quickly go dirty brown, so if you see white Ivorite now on an older Yamaha you shouldn't need to worry about it discolouring.

The F suffix also had revised scaling (most models 1" longer) better bass strings, better hammers, boxwood capping on treble bridge, with the intention of creating a more European tone increased dynamic range and more sustain.
Posted By: pianobroker

Re: Ivorite on Yamaha - 01/30/10 05:03 PM

I think if there was a "Yamaha piano" category on Jeopardy, Chris V.would dominate,or maybe Steve C.or Marty F. It would be fierce competitive battle to say the least. grin
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