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Posted By: johno New Kawai GE-30 - 03/29/09 06:02 AM
We have been looking for a grand piano for our son. We found a "new" Kawai GE30 with the Opus7 player system at a dealer who recently has acquired the inventory from another dealer who is going out of business. We were interested in the player so that the piano wouldn't sit idle when our son goes off to college in a few years. The price the dealer is quoting is $12K.

However, there are couple oddities. First, there are other GE30's on the floor that don't have the Opus7 that are $1K more. The other factor is the serial number indicates the piano was built in early 2006. I'm wondering if this piano has the Millenium III action, duplex scaling, NEOTEX key surfaces, etc or if those were a later addition to this model. The salesman couldn't tell me although they did just get the pianos in a day earlier so maybe he needed time to research it?

I'm considering having my technician check it out but first wanted to see if anyone had any other suggestions on how to check the history of the piano.


John O
Posted By: Bear 1 Re: New Kawai GE-30 - 03/29/09 06:43 AM
Get the GE-30's serial number then call Kawai 800 421 2177 {California time} and ask Kawai to research the piano for you.

Posted By: Bob Re: New Kawai GE-30 - 03/29/09 02:41 PM
Sometimes there will be moving stickers under the piano that will be a clue to it's history.
Posted By: KeyDip Re: New Kawai GE-30 - 03/29/09 03:04 PM
Hi John - welcome! Boy, the world of researching and buying a piano can be confusing, can't it?

Just a couple of thoughts from my experience. In regards to the Opus 7, very complex player system, although very nice - just know the average Piano Disc installer may not have the expertise or qualifications to service this system. If you purchase this piano, and have it serviced in the future, just be sure to inquire if the technician has specifically been Opus 7 certified.

If indeed the piano was built in 2006, it would definitely have the Millennium III action. These actions are very precise and require minimal maintenance. As I've said in the past, the date of manufacture really has little relevance to me. I'm more concerned about the condition of the piano.

Just curious, is the piano being sold by an authorized Kawai dealer?

One more thought, if you think this is a true "barn" find (good deal), it might be worth asking the seller who did the Opus 7 install? The information might come in useful later.

Good luck & keep us posted.
Posted By: KeyDip Re: New Kawai GE-30 - 03/29/09 03:11 PM
If you really want to get as much info as possible, look up under the piano on the power supply and other places to get the serial number for the Opus 7 system. You can then call or email Piano Disc and determine who the system was sold to, thus, most likely would be able to find out by who and how it was installed.
Posted By: johno Re: New Kawai GE-30 - 03/29/09 10:17 PM
Thanks for all the feedback. Unfortunately, I just got a call from the dealer and they made a "mistake". The price was for just the piano. The person who set the price didn't realize there was an Opus system. That would be at least $12K more. They are willing to make it up to me by selling a more recent "new" GE30 for $12K and the CD based Pianodisc system for $4,500. I must admit I'm somewhat disappointed but I don't think it is right to force them to lose money on the contract they signed.
Posted By: jrcallan Re: New Kawai GE-30 - 03/30/09 10:15 AM
Is this a Kawai dealer? And did both parties already sign a sales contract?
Posted By: johno Re: New Kawai GE-30 - 03/31/09 05:57 PM
It was a signed purchase agreement by both parties so if I wanted to press it they probably would have had to honor it. But I didn't want to have to threaten litigation, etc.

However I believe the company honestly made a mistake so I met with them and they sold me a different piano at "cost", provided us with a very nice upgraded bench, and said they would install any player system at cost in the future.

In the end I'm pleased with our purchase.
Posted By: jrcallan Re: New Kawai GE-30 - 03/31/09 10:39 PM
Good for you! I like to think nice guys win in the end.

All the best with your new piano -- but now you're kind of obligated to provide pictures of the new acquisition [please].
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