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Posted By: Card Anyone know what this is? - 03/04/06 10:07 PM
I cannot seem to find any info on a piano I am considering. I thought it was a Baldwin "R" but the seller says his invoice copy says Classic Model C-HPE. It is 5'6" or 5'7". It is a 1995. I've found one posting on Pianoworld that briefly mentions the "Classic" of the 1990's and that Baldwin wanted to forget that mistake. Not sure what that means. Could not find info in The Piano Book. Baldwinpiano.com website was down today. I have a tech that is willing to inspect it for me but I wanted to find out before he goes what this piano is. Anybody? Thanks so much.
Posted By: Rich Galassini Re: Anyone know what this is? - 03/04/06 10:14 PM
The Baldwin C was a terrible piano.

Although it was a bit bigger and was prettier furniture, it was almost as bad as the Kimball La Petite and the decision to manufacture it helped bring Baldwin down during the late '90s.

Walk away from this piano - at least if you are looking for the quality of the traditional Baldwin models like the M, R, L, etc.
Posted By: curry Re: Anyone know what this is? - 03/04/06 10:18 PM
I agree with Rich, walk away. Maybe one in 50 could be said to be close to decent. Most were terrible.
Posted By: Card Re: Anyone know what this is? - 03/04/06 10:20 PM
What a bummer. Thanks so much.
Posted By: CTPianotech Re: Anyone know what this is? - 03/04/06 10:28 PM
Card I have the 3rd edition of the Piano book, here's the review of the piano you described-

"The Classic series of grand, introduced in 1989, consists of the model B1 (4'10") and model C (5'7"). Baldwin's intention here was to offer a more simply built product to compete effectively with low priced imports, with fewer features and less attention to detail thanin Baldwin's regular (Artist)line of grands, but appropriate for the more casual user with a limited budget. Though the intention was certainly a reasonable one, the execution thus far has not been satisfactory. In fact, in the ten years I have been reviewing pianos, I have never received more negative feedback about a line of pianos than I have about this one. Hardly any aspect of these pianos remains immune from criticism, as these comments from one experienced technician (and echoed by other illustrate: 'Characteristic of this model is a very pinched, whiny, nasal tone with very little sustain and vague, wavering beats throughout most of the scale....All of this makes tuning, especially unisons-very difficult and annoying....The sound is what I would expect if there was a wedge driven between the soundboard and the plate. The Piano seems to have an endless capacity to drop in pitch. After six tunings in eighteen months, every one is still a major pitch raise.' "

One other tip- if you're buying a used piano, you can sometimes find an older copy of the piano book at your local library that would have a review of the piano when it was new!

Good luck again Card!
Posted By: Card Re: Anyone know what this is? - 03/05/06 03:30 AM
Thank you all very much. I called the seller and the tech and told them I was reconsidering. When I first spoke to the seller he was on vacation and just knew the size and not the model, so I assumed it was an "R" since I didn't see other models of this size in the book. Thank goodness for this forum and especially those that provide such wonderful insight!!!! smile
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