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We've lost a member....

Posted By: Rich Galassini

We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 11:39 AM

Some of you may remember JimM. - member #2524. He was a fairly active member here who always had a fresh perspective to offer.

He was a very bright man who bought and sold technology for a living. After years of hard work, he bought a Mason BB in rosewood from me in 2003. He relocated to Northern California soon after when he (kind of) retired and built the home of his dreams with the love of his life Barbara. We became friends and got together when he was in the area. I had plans to spend some time golfing with him, but we never actually planned the trip. I stopped seeing him but simply thought he wasn't getting to the East Coast as much.

I didn't know it, but Jim became ill with cancer and passed away last year.

I knew some of you would remember Jim and would want to know. Barbara currently has his piano on this site for sale and would love for someone to love it the way Jim did. I can personally tell you that he chose a great piano.

I'll miss you Jim.

Jim\'s house (and piano)
Posted By: Les Koltvedt

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 11:55 AM

Sorry to hear you've lost a freind ...
Posted By: Monica K.

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 12:06 PM

I'm sorry for your and PW's loss, Rich.

I will admit that I got completely mesmerized by reading that description and seeing the pictures of their house. Not only do I want the piano (which is gorgeous in Rosewood), I also want the house! I'm glad he was able to build and live in it before he died.
Posted By: Reaper978

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 12:47 PM

What horrible news, I'm very sorry this happened.

Buying a piano seems a very petty thing when compared to the life of a human being.
Posted By: U S A P T

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 12:58 PM

Thanks for the touching story Rich.

Making music (because it is part of our humanity) is one of the few things you can do from earliest childhood until the hospice nurse comes to visit.

I'm sure he touched a lot of lives, as have you.

There's a continuity (immortality?) in the piano world unlike anything else.

Posted By: Piano World

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 01:38 PM

I remember Jim as a being a gentleman and a nice guy.

He became a forums member in November of 2002, and was one of our early "subscribers" (supporters).

Jim joined us for an M&H factory (2004) ...

When Rich called me looking for Jim's member number (2524) I got a big lump in my throat.

My condolences to his wife, and may his piano find a loving home.

The piano is for sale on our Piano Exchange...

Enter Mason as the brand name, and click Show Me The Ads
Posted By: loveschopintoomuch

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 01:56 PM

I didn't know Jim, but I also add my condolences. That he was able to retire and build his dream house and a great piano...how wonderful. I pray he did have time to enjoy all of it. He sounded like a great person and if life is what it should be...he is playing on that wonderful piano...in a better place.

Posted By: Seaside_Lee

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 02:08 PM

Sorry to read the story

I didn't know Jim either...but my condolences to his wife and family.

what a beautiful home and piano

very sad

Posted By: pianistical

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 02:19 PM

I didnĀ“t know Jim, but he apparently had good aesthetical and musical taste, qualities the world is in great need of.

My condolences.
Posted By: sophial

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 02:24 PM

I'm sorry to hear of this as well. It is great that he had to chance to live in that beautiful home and play a wonderful and lovely piano. Rich, it must be satisfying to know that you were able to help him realize that dream.

Posted By: Zormpas

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 04:19 PM


He lived 30 minutes away from me.

I've seen this over, and over, and over, and over again. Guy works hard his entire life, finally retires with his dream fulfilled, and drops dead within a year or two. We lost a recently retired co-worker this way 2 weeks ago - who lived about 3/4ths way between me and Jim.

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today - tomorrow may never come!
Posted By: Jeff Bauer

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 04:37 PM

Thanks for sharing this Rich. He sounded like a great guy. Reading through some of his posts by using his member number in the search engine, I noticed he contributed a lot of valuable information.

If you need someone else to play golf with in California, look me up!
Posted By: Norbert

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/23/07 05:47 PM

I didn't know Jim, but if a home and his surroundings reflect a man's soul, this man was very special indeed.

Thanks for sharing - best regards and sincere condulations to the wife!

Posted By: gabytu

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/24/07 03:48 PM

My condolences to all who knew Jim, and especially to his wife. At least he had a little time to enjoy his beautiful vacation home and his piano.

Life often throws a curve at us, and wrecks our plans. Zorba is right about enjoying the moment, as tomorrow may never come.

I know too well how true this is. My dear husband and I had planned a long and happy future together, but it never came to pass. He was stricken with a combination of Parkinson's and ALS, and passed away before we had a chance to really enjoy the things we had planned.

I hope Jim's piano finds a loving home, and that Barbara finds conmfort and peace.

Gaby tu
Posted By: BeeLady

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/24/07 09:05 PM

I had the great pleasure to meet Jim at the M+H tour and later share posts/pm's with him regarding his dream home.

What a wonderful man. He was a gentleman and oh, so happy about his home and piano but more importantly marrying the woman of his dreams.

What a great loss.
Posted By: Reaper978

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/25/07 03:57 PM

Because of my immense empathy, I was able to talk with the man's wife for a few moments. She is very, very torn up about it. I didn't know Jim or his wife, but I felt a need to call and give my condolences.

What a horrible occurrence. I hope she turns out okay.

Posted By: gabytu

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/25/07 11:56 PM

What a lovely thing to do Colin. I am sure Jim's wife appreciated your call. This is a devastating time for her, and she needs all the support she can get from friends, and concerned people. Gaby Tu
Posted By: gerg

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/27/07 09:44 PM

Condolences, and supplications for JimM's wife and family. Life is short, and precious.
Posted By: John Citron

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/28/07 02:47 AM


I'm sorry to hear this. I never met Jim, but I read many of his posts. My condolences to his wife Barbara.

Posted By: McLaughlin

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/28/07 05:19 AM

what more can I add? it's a tragedy beyond description.

i can only hope, to some grater plan.
Posted By: pianobuff

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/28/07 05:49 AM

Didn't know him either.

Still, my heartfelt condolences.

May his life live on through the beauty of what he loved, and may all those that did know him closely heal from the loss.
Posted By: Rich Galassini

Re: We've lost a member.... - 03/30/07 04:43 PM

I have forwarded this thread to Barbara, Jim's wife. She knew he enjoyed us and knows some if us simply from our display names.

Feel free to add your thoughts.
Posted By: Les Koltvedt

Re: We've lost a member.... - 04/01/07 03:10 PM

I'm so sorry Barbara...I do believe that Jim is playing the GRANDest piano of all, performing sweet songs that tug at the heart. We all take for granted the time we have here on earth, only taking snippits of time to enjoy the GOOD things in life (as we know it here on earth). May you take comfort knowing you can sit for a spell, close your eyes, and hear him play your favorite songs...

Although I never met or shared thoughts with Jim here on PW...I feel we all have all left our mark on each other in some way...

We're so sorry for your loss...may God Bless and watch over you and your family..

Deb & Les
Posted By: Cecil Ramirez

Re: We've lost a member.... - 04/02/07 02:36 PM

Hello Barbara, Rich, and PianoWorld readers.

We are saddened to hear about Jim's passing. I do remember Jim from the first PianoWorld Tour of our factory in Haverhill. As Rich and Frank have said, he was a bright man and a real gentleman.

We'll be thinking about Jim during this year's Pianoworld Tour.

Posted By: lali_sweety

Re: We've lost a member.... - 04/02/07 05:37 PM

oohhh god.
I'm so sorry for lost. really
Posted By: Solo Piano

Re: We've lost a member.... - 04/04/07 01:29 AM

I'm sorry to hear that, I hope his wife is getting by ok. I didn't know him but I'm sure he was a good guy. I hope someone buys the piano, I would but I don't have cash.

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