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Upright Packard Piano

Posted By: MasterP

Upright Packard Piano - 12/10/07 05:46 PM

I'm looking for a general idea of what an upright Packard piano - similar to the one in this link might be worth. Thanks!

Posted By: BDB

Re: Upright Packard Piano - 12/10/07 06:18 PM

People give away pianos like that for free.
Posted By: BruceD

Re: Upright Packard Piano - 12/10/07 06:20 PM

The value of any used piano depends - totally - on the condition of the piano. Condition is a state that cannot be determined by the casual observer and often not by the experienced player. One would have to have a technician look at the piano and determine its condition. Once its condition is known, then its market value can be determined. Depending on age and condition, it might be worth $500.00 - to an interested individual and in many cases old uprights cannot be given away.

Posted By: Sam Casey

Re: Upright Packard Piano - 12/10/07 06:51 PM

Packards were dandy old pianos. Very big sound and quality parts. Still, it is a complex wooden stringed instrument under 18 tons of string pressure for nearly a century. If you would put that veneering on a table and chairs none of us could afford it. The base quality of this piano was excellent. It most certainly would require substancial rebuilding to make it a long term dependable instrument.

Personally I like to see these pianos preserved. The are part of Americana and until we discover another planet with a skilled low paid workforce and unlimited cheap natural resource we will never see their like again. Their existance today is a tribute to quality of their building and craftmen involved. Whenever I do one I always tell the folks this is not a common sense decision, its a labor of love and do not expect to see your money back in resale.
Posted By: OperaTenor

Re: Upright Packard Piano - 12/10/07 08:21 PM

Sam, you and I are long lost brothers, apparently. laugh

MP, it's really hard to assess it's worth long distance. Your best bet is to have a local tech look it over for you. If it's in good condition as an instrument(i.e., tight tuning pins, clean strings, serviceable action, etc.), it can have some worth. If it lacks in any of the aforementioned categories, it will at least require some repair work - possibly extensive and expensive - to get it back in shape.

[edit to add] From the looks of the sustain pedal in the photos, I think it likely this piano might have some condition issues, especially since it has that droopy pedal while in a piano store. YMMV.
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