Posted by: U S A P T

HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 11:46 AM

Hope everyone is planning a wonderful weekend. Be sure to drive carefully and assume that all other drivers on the road are drunk, have one arm, a cup of piping hot McDonald's coffee with a loose lid between their legs, and have a bad cellphone connection.

I'll be in downtown Chicago for the next few days. La Boheme tonight!

Have a great weekend!
Posted by: sophial

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 01:11 PM

Same to you, John! Have a great time at the opera and bring extra hankies!!
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Posted by: BruceD

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 01:31 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American members. Be safe!

Posted by: PSS

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 03:29 PM

Happy Thanksgiving John, and everyone!
Posted by: lilylady

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 03:43 PM

May you all be thankful for everything bountiful that is in your lives...

And rejoice that you have been gifted with the joy of musicmaking!

LL, doing the happy home maker thing today - making Apple Pan Dowdy (old New England recipe) and Apricot Cream Pie!
Posted by: FogVilleLad

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 04:49 PM

All the best to you and to all PW'ers.
Posted by: Frank

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 06:00 PM

To all my US friends,

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Posted by: Terrytunes

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 08:54 PM

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Posted by: jollyroger

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 09:48 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to all the wonderful folks at PW, and especially Frank. This is the best web site on the net!
Warmest regards,
Posted by: godowskian

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 10:16 PM

Happy Thanks giving to all. I started it off by 5 shots of kamikazi! You all should do the same.


Posted by: Piano World

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 10:30 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Posted by: hotkeys

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 10:42 PM

Wishing everyone a Happy thanksgiving. \:\) I received a cute card via the jacquielawson.com website. There are other cards, on one of them you click on the pumpkin, and a piano plays. That made my day! \:D

- Mark
Posted by: TX-Dennis

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 10:43 PM

Happy Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much, turkey!
Posted by: musdan

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/21/07 11:11 PM

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Piano World friends.

Hope you and your family have a special day.
Posted by: jazzwee

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/22/07 12:31 AM

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Posted by: Kenny Blankenship

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/22/07 08:12 AM

Happy T Day! Dudes and Dudettes!
Posted by: ShootCraps

Re: HAPPY THANKSGIVING - 11/22/07 11:17 AM

You can each too much turkey??? ;\)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!