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Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series

Posted By: frohlich

Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series - 08/19/08 12:18 PM

Hey all, just wanna know BL-71 vs US-50, which is better?? For those who are using these pianos, may I know about your opinions please?

Actually I'm looking for Upright Grand piano. These are the one shortlisted.

Today, I have tried on both pianos (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Found that, two model BL-71 i have tried. One with K666555 , sound is too bright for me,key touch lighter.

Another one, K880653 ,key touch is heavier and which is the one I prefer. But the sounding, this is too mellow and deep. When i played loudly, i can't listen the sound eventhough I hit it loudly.

Try out another US-50, the Sounds is great and pretty good, that's the sound i want!! Too bad, the key is so light..-_-

The fella said if i take the BL-71, K880653,he can help me to change to US-50 the great sound! Wondering how he could change it, and whether he change it the piano really have great sound??

**Please give me some opinion ya~~ 3hearts
Posted By: tanjinjack

Re: Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series - 08/19/08 12:44 PM

Dear frohlich,

Nice to hear someone from Malaysia. Apa khabar? I am from Seremban. Where are you from?

Which dealer do you get into? (Which part of Klang Valley? I happen to do a lot of researches on these areas and might be of some help.)

Anyway, I would want to say, Upright Grand=Upright piano. The 'Grand' word has no significant difference, IMO. Perhaps they use the soundboard and hammers that they use in grand pianos, and thus creating tone that is more like grand pianos. Basically, they are upright. There's no need to look for 'Upright Grand' only. Normal upright will do. Unless you are fond of the grand style music rack.

Do you have your own technician? If do, hire him/her to help you check the pianos out. A brainwash by Piano Forum members, "The best money to spend on a used piano is the money you spend to hire a tech for inspection of the piano!"

Technically, the tone of the piano can be voiced. As far as I know, it's by doing something on the hammers so that it becomes softer to produce a more mellow sound. Touch can also be altered, by making it more stiff or loose so that the touch can be heavier or lighter. However, it's still rather impossible to change a Yamaha tone to Bosendorfer tone regardless of how much you prep it. There's still some limiting factors on prepping a piano. However, to change the tone from bright to mellow, it should be very possible despite I am not very sure on Malaysia technician's quality.

Do you check where does the upright with serial 8XXXXX place? Is it behind a cushion or what? Perhaps that is what limiting the sound to be 'not loud'.

Anyway, I like the serial of the 666555. What a nice number you could find!

Ah, what's your budget and your proficiency of piano?

Ever consider other brands?

Yang Benar, (LOL)
-jin jack-

p/s: PM me if you want personal advice!
Posted By: frohlich

Re: Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series - 08/19/08 01:50 PM

Hi jinjack, i'm from subang.

The person is a piano tuner, teacher actually in damansara but their factory in seri kembangan. 1 of the fella said K880653 BL-71 why the sound can't really came out while i'm playing on it??
is because of the factory space is big, that's why can't really can listen on it. If place into a room, facing the wall the sound will be clearly produce.

**But, why the US-50 and the BL-71 K666555 i can hear clearly while i'm playing?? It stores under the same factory space also.

Then i requested them to play, i'm able to hear they were playing loudly,when i stand behind the piano, the sound would be more loud. Wondering why? Just when i play, the piano sound can't produce clearly.

Actually I have tried out US-60, it is not good on touching n sound. Only US-50 or BL-71 i'm able to choose.

My budget is about 7-9k. The BL-71 they offer me MYR9,000. Whereas US-50 is MYR12,000. Are these piano price expensive??

**I only prefer upright grand actually, haha~~ Kawai brand only lol~~
**I'm chinese, LOL~~

1.BL-71,K880653,great touching (heavier), but sound too mellow.

2.BL-71,K666555,touching not so light, but sound too bright.

3.US-50, light touching, sound great (not too mellow or too bright sound).

They suggested me to take the second one, could alter to US-50 sound,another way of altering it by myself is --> KEEP ON PLAYING SO THE PIANO COULD CHANGE TO GREAT SOUND !-_-
Posted By: tanjinjack

Re: Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series - 08/19/08 02:09 PM

If from Subang, there's a lot of dealers there.

As far as I know, there's the Vienna Music Sdn Bhd (near SJMC), Cristofori Music Sdn Bhd (near Taylor UC), Wagner Piano Company (near Police Station I believe) and the one in Summit USJ.
Which is the one that you approach?

Check behind the upright. Soundboard is there and basically the sound is projected from there. If the US50 and BL71 is behind a wall, it surely can project larger sound. Wall is hard surface and can reflect most sound.

Take this into consideration as well. Where will you place your piano in your house? Members from here usually suggest you to place the piano with some angles from the wall. That could avoid the sound 'hitting your face'. Anyway, I am in search of a grand and my upright knowledge is not that good. Try the search button up at the forum and look for upright placement and some comments on the model you looking at.

One thing that I think is more important than loudness is the potential of 'whispering'. I think ff is easily achievable by most pianos nowadays but not pp. So far, I have tried one Yamaha YUX that successfully creates pp only!
Go and try them and see how they 'whisper'!

Another option that I can say is ever think of Chinese pianos? Hailun (a brand receiving a lot of positive comments in this forum) is actually in Malaysia, under the name of Wagner. Perhaps you want to make a trip Wagner Piano Sdn Bhd in PJ to try them out. Their price fit your budget perfectly.
Try email them, they have active and efficient email.

I will say, don't trust dealers too much especially on their opinions unless they are considered REPUTABLE!

Good luck on your search!
Posted By: pianobroker

Re: Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series - 08/19/08 04:29 PM

US50 is the newer and better piano though the case design is identical with the BL71.I personally feel the touch of the US series 50,55,63H,70,75,80 is superior in it's design than the BL series though it is both personal and subjective.
Posted By: BDB

Re: Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series - 08/19/08 04:34 PM

I will say, don't trust dealers too much especially on their opinions unless they are considered REPUTABLE!
Do not trust them when they say the sound or touch can be changed. Talk directly to the tech.
Posted By: tanjinjack

Re: Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series - 08/19/08 04:36 PM

btw, what is the serial number for the US50?
Posted By: frohlich

Re: Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series - 08/20/08 02:38 AM

i forgot to take down the US-50. hehe~~

1 more thing, the fella said, US-50 just suitable to use for playing Jazz or pop piano songs. BL-71 only suitable for me that playing classical music. Seem can't believe what he said.

By the way, US-50's touching can be tuned to be heavier? I personally like heavier touching key rather than those light one.
Posted By: frohlich

Re: Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series - 08/20/08 03:00 AM

What about US-60,70 etc??I know these are newer and US-50 was produced earlier. But seem like lot of ppl taking US-50 compare about these.

Other than age,what are the differences on sounding and touching?? wondering~~
Posted By: tanjinjack

Re: Kawai BL-71 vs US-50 series - 08/20/08 04:17 AM

IMO, this is my word, you may not take it.

I don't find myself to trust the 'fella'. Suitability of a piano on certain work is somehow quite subjective although there's claim that one would play classical on a Bosie while new age on a Steinway if they can own both of them (how luxurious!). IMO, it's all matter of taste.

And frohlich, I think it's wise for you to revise your thought on make the touch heavy. I hold doubt on Malaysian technicians to make the touch heavy while keeping the action RESPONSIVE!
I hold doubt on that!

Perhaps you can request the dealer to make it in tune and alter the touch for you for your final audition before you actually put down your cash. Don't buy a piano in a state that you still want modifications on it. How if when modified you don't like the piano anymore?

Also, why restrict only at Kawai, and only at Upright Grand? Open up your mind and there will be a lot of choices awaiting for you!
Your budget is rather strong for a used piano.
I don't think you should easily settle any piano aged 30+ years old.

Your budget can get you a new Chinese piano as I say, or a used Kawai or Yamaha piano that is produced in the 1980s.

During my early search, I don't find myself prefer Yamaha due to its bright tone. However, at current state of my search, I even prefer Yamaha more than Kawai. Yamaha tone is not bad, and their action is spectacular! I should as well conclude it's the best action that I have ever played. I changed in the process of looking for a piano and I will change later when I discover more pianos. Take your time on your search if you have the time. Enjoy the search and enjoy the forum!

p/s: I think you might be able to get The Piano Book by Larry Fine in Kinokuniya bookstore, KLCC now. I got my copy last week.
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