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PW, thanks for your help.

Posted By: riolima

PW, thanks for your help. - 06/12/08 03:57 PM

I've spent a lot of time on this forum since the first of the year reading about pianos, and the information everyone has posted helped me a lot in figuring out which pianos to consider.

I've read about rebuilt pianos, proper prepping, reputable technicians and dealers, reasonable pricing. I've had on- and off-line conversations with many helpful and knowledgeable individuals. You have all contributed a wealth of information to this forum that is of great value to newcomers like myself.

I also got a lot out of reading Grand Obsession, which was published just as I was starting my piano quest, and of course, Larry Fine's book and supplement.

So just wanted to say thank you. It has been very nice to discover this virtual community of piano lovers.

I will now sign off to go enjoy my beautiful looking and sounding Mason & Hamlin BB in satin rosewood, which was delivered yesterday!

Best wishes,

Posted By: kluurs

Re: PW, thanks for your help. - 06/12/08 04:10 PM

What a wonderful piano. We'd love to see pictures.
Posted By: BruceD

Re: PW, thanks for your help. - 06/12/08 05:21 PM

riolima :

What a gracious post!

It's not only good to hear that you have found a piano to your liking, but it is also most satisfying to read your thanks to those here who may have helped in some measure, a somewhat rare - though not unheard of - occurence here. Many of us who follow the quests of others for the right piano don't always get to read the results much less to read the public thanks for help and advice offered.

What a wonderful piano you have. May it bring you many, many years of musical pleasure.

Posted By: Barbara G

Re: PW, thanks for your help. - 06/12/08 05:24 PM

I'm sure you have a wonderful and beautiful piano. thumb We played a piano just like it several times in the Dallas area store. Very nice piano, one of the very best. I was also impressed with the rosewood "black keys." Maybe you would like to write a long story like we did. Our Adventure to a New Grand
Posted By: FogVilleLad

Re: PW, thanks for your help. - 06/12/08 05:24 PM

Thanks for the kind words. We can be a raucous bunch at times, but we mean well.
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