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Posted By: Card Help on deciding between two?? - 03/01/06 11:18 PM
Okay, I think I've narrowed it down. Any help would be so appreciated.

Same price for a 1995 Baldwin R and 2004 Yamaha GC1 5'3".

Inspection on Yamaha is good (little downbearing issue but okay.) I haven't seen the piano personally but tech says it is in showroom condition.

Seeing the Baldwin R on Friday. I'm sure the Baldwin will have more wear simply because of its age, but all things equal (if the Baldwin checks out okay) anyone have an opinion on which piano they would choose and why?

I feel so incapable since I am just a novice player but want to get a good piano. I am hesitant on the Yamaha because the rim is so thin and made of luan. Is that a valid concern? I haven't read very many good opinions on this forum on the entry level G Yamahas but lots of good on the C series.

I have noticed that the Baldwins tend to hold their value and by a lot of people are highly regarded.

I have not played the pianos, they are 100-150 miles away and I want to have all of my ducks in a row first and then I'll drag a friend or brother who plays well, so I can hear.

Is a Baldwin R typically more mellow than a Yamaha 5'3?

I have hearing loss in one ear. Sounds are faint and tinny in my right ear but left is really good. Any sound experts out there that could tell me if I need a deeper tone to make up for the loss of bass?

Thanks for any and all info. I love this forum and I have read so much that I feel informed enough to make the decision all the more daunting. smile
Posted By: Bob Re: Help on deciding between two?? - 03/02/06 01:10 AM
A Baldwin R from that time period might have action issues - Quality was up and down then - Have a tech check the action for warped parts, noise, or regulation issues. Baldwins can easily be voiced very bright, so you will have to hear it. This R could be a very nice instrument. A nice one will beat the Yamaha - especially in the bass as the strings will be longer.
Posted By: mikhailoh Re: Help on deciding between two?? - 03/02/06 01:20 AM
Even if there are action parts problems, if they can be corrected without spending a zillion bucks, you are getting a HECK of a lot more and better piano, IMO, with the R than a GC1 if they are the same price.

Have your tech check it out, but it's a no-brainer in my book.
Posted By: ChrisKeys Re: Help on deciding between two?? - 03/02/06 03:30 AM
For what it's worth: I've played an R before and it was a very impressive instrument. If both the Yamaha and the Baldwin were in good shape, I'd take the Baldwin any day. Every week I play a Yamaha G3 (6'1") and Baldwin L (6'3") multiple times, and I'll take the Baldwin hands down.

Posted By: Card Re: Help on deciding between two?? - 03/02/06 04:13 AM
Thanks Chris, Michael and Bob! I have a call into a tech and hopefully he will call me back and be able to go look at the Baldwin.

If the Baldwin is in good shape, I'm leaning towards it. I will eventually put in a player and I keep thinking about it being the piano that you hear, not the player. smile
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