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Posted By: BJenkins Portable Microphones - 11/22/08 02:03 AM
I'm want to buy a small microphone to record my piano. I'd like to use the mic with my mp3 player, I have an Iaudiox5 (http://www.cowonamerica.com/products/iaudio/x5/). Hopefully the mic is small enough to hold in my hand, so I can carry it around easily in my backpack.

I've been looking at a few already, but I just don't have any experience with recording so I don't know which one would be good.

I would like the best quality microphone I can find that will work in the mic jack of my mp3 player. I don't want to spend more than 200 dollars on this though.

Anyone have any ideas?
Posted By: Konzert Patrick Re: Portable Microphones - 11/22/08 07:02 AM
Zoom H2, it is a great device and the recordings are unbelievable.
Price is around 150 dollar

Posted By: BJenkins Re: Portable Microphones - 11/22/08 05:40 PM
Would I get better quality with buying the H2 or H4 or buying just a similarly priced microphone and using it with my mp3 player?

My mp3 player works fine as a recording device so I'd hate to pay a lot more for just some weaker mics and a bunch of gadgets I already have on my mp3 player.

One last thing, does anyone know if the recording quality is any different between the H2 and H4? Are the internal mics the same? From what I've been reading they don't seem to say much of the difference between recording quality, just that the H4 has a few more features that the H2 does not.

I went through the massive 20 page thread and it seems to focus mostly on the H4 and say very little about the H2. Anyone have any experience in this?
Posted By: Mati Re: Portable Microphones - 11/22/08 05:49 PM
There are not much relatively good microphones that can be connected to an mp3 player. The reason for that is that condenser microphones almost always need the source of power. It is called phantom power. I guess you won't find a good microphone that can be just connected with a jack to the mp3. There are some that can be connected to a computer via USB, and they draw the power from USB too - e.g. Samson C01U series. I am almost sure you won't find anything with jack only that can stand to Zoom H2. And as far as I remember, the difference between H2 and H4 is in mics too.

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